Levophed shortage

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    Saw that there is a levophed shortage...anyone know why?

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    Just a guess but I'm thinking it's the same issues that cause other shortages: A combination of manufacturing/quality-control problems and the concentration of production in very, very few plants...

    There's no reserve/excess capacity in the production system.
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    Our hospital just finished a 3 month stint without furosemide. They stocked bumetanide as a substitute. I don't think the public knows just how scarce some of the meds have become.
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    It's out in the mass-market media: Drug Shortages...

    Among others, it says that there's a shortage of Dilaudid... that must be because how much the stuff we push in our hospital... it often seems that I give out more Dilaudid than I do water.
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    Are you guys having a morphine shortage? We are at my hospital
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    Levo is a crappy drug to be short on. I mean, nothing really works quite like it.
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    got that right blondy..1st line pressor for septic shock..we are still feeling the shortage crunch on diprivan.
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    Just got another email saying there is a shortage on dopamine now!
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    I hear we're going to be out of bretylium soon

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