Lawmakers To Curb Cell Phone Use At Nursing Homes

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    hope they don't pass some bull reactionary law banning cell phones because of these people.

    lexington, ky. -- kentucky officials are trying to prevent cell phone abuse in nursing homes after an investigation of the bluegrass care and rehabilitation center.

    that investigation found staff members were attaching sexually explicit photos of residents and sending them to other employees.

    according to the lexington herald-leader, documents indicate workers recorded patients screaming or asking to use the bathroom and then played a guessing game to see which resident was involved.

    right now, there are no state laws regulating cell phone use by staff in long-term care facilities.
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    This is what happens when a small number of persons do things that are obviously wrong. Everyone ends up paying the price.
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    Quote from libnat
    right now, there are no state laws regulating cell phone use by staff in long-term care facilities.
    nor should there be. these degenerates should be prosecuted on the basis of sexual exploitation of vulnerable adults and violation of privacy laws. if not for cell phones, they would have come up with some other way of abusing the residents in their care. we can't enact laws for every possibility, nor do we need to. we need to enforce the relevant laws we already have.
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    Methinks the real reason is that the patients are calling their doctors for help, complaints, pleas to get out, blocking the lines at their offices. If one cell phone is out of use, all of them are ....... or is it just a "cease and desist" law?

    Does anyone have another clue regarding the reason for this?
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    Agree, Let's call this what it is- ABUSE! Send them to jail, sex offenders list and NEVER, NEVER let them work with vulernable people again. DO NOT need new laws, enforce the ones we already have. In my building you are not allowed to have a cell phone, unless required for the job (supervisior, staffing, etc). Cell phones need to be in lockers or left in car. Emergency? Have family call main number like everyone else.
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    A similar incident happened here in Wyoming a couple months ago. The CNA's (who took the pics) got their licenses revoked and their names posted in our quarterly 'nurse newsletter.'
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    Quote from hope3456
    A similar incident happened here in Wyoming a couple months ago. The CNA's (who took the pics) got their licenses revoked and their names posted in our quarterly 'nurse newsletter.'
    I hope they faced criminal charges as well.
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    let's think about this logically. the big picture is the need for nursing homes that are safe and enjoyable places for people to live out their lives. what help is there in regulating cell phones? don't forget that it's not the law abiding citizens that you need to worry about. it's those people who don't have respect for rules to begin with that are the problem.
    i work in a nursing home where it is a policy not to have cell phones in the building. i hate it. a lot. i could go to another facility but i love my job so i'm going to stay. that being said, isn't it more logical to let each facility make their own rules than to have more government involvement? there are plenty of regulations for nursing homes already. ask anyone who works in one.
    the incidents that have happened are heartless, cruel and abusive. illegal, immoral, etc. but the focus might be better placed on why nursing homes get the majority of, for lack of better word, weirdos. (stepping down from my soapbox.)
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    I personally think these people should be fired and lose their licenses. They could have use a camera and posted the pics on the computer, so it isn't just cell phones.
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    Regardless of whether these "staff members" were CNA's, LPN's, RN's, dietary, or house keepers, they have violated a major federal law- HIPPA. They have violated the patient's privacy and confidentiality by obviously taking pictures without their permission, but also because cell phones are their personal property- and they carry it on their person and take it home with them- they have technically stolen hospital (or facility) property/confidential information. It is a federal law for all facilities in United States to provide information upon hire concerning HIPPA. The new hire is required to read the in-service, and usually take a short test concerning HIPPA laws/regulations and punishments of violations. The new hire usually signs a document confirming they understand this inservice as well as the fines, penalties, and repercussions concerning violating HIPPA laws. This document is placed in the hirees file. Any other charges concerning institutional violations or state violations (Office of Professions/ Attorney General) should be equally pursued. But these ignorant, hideous acts
    have been addressed within the federal system via HIPPA laws, as well as state/institutionally via policies/laws violated within the state. Abuse of patient's rights should not be tolerated; but taking away cell phones- especially for mother's with baby sitters, or with a child/spouse who has health issues, etc. etc., is not the answer and will not alleviate the ignorance.
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