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uk: the emotional cost of nursing university of leicester study investigates welfare of nurses issued on 22 june 2009... Read More

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    I am not a nurse/ I am nursing student, but a nurse assistant in home care for seniors , and I find myself forgetting myself between work and being a mother and wife. It takes a toll on my emotional health as well as my physical health.

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    i would be very curious to see what they will do with the results of this study.
    afterall, we have known (and lived with!) for decades, the emotional/mental sacrifices that nsg has invoked on our souls.

    so, what happens next?
    better staffing?
    more vacation/pto?
    a supportive admin?

    hmmm...that's what i thought.

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    Quote from leslie :-D
    i would be very curious to see what they will do with the results of this study.
    afterall, we have known (and lived with!) for decades, the emotional/mental sacrifices that nsg has invoked on our souls.

    so, what happens next?
    better staffing?
    more vacation/pto?
    a supportive admin?

    hmmm...that's what i thought.

    Leslie, we'll just have to continue what we've been doing all the while. Limp along as best we can and prop each other up here at Allnurses. And pray we make it through fairly intact to retirement or death, whichever comes first.
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    Quote from FireStarterRN
    Maybe nursing programs should start incorporating self-care into their curriculum? It's a vital part of holistic nursing for the nurse to remain emotionally and physically fit.
    Actually, most schools DO. My 2 year PN (Practical Nursing) diploma program did include 'self-care' as part of a 'Therapeutic Communications for Nurses' course.

    There was a specific chapter devoted to self-care and avoiding burnout. Emotional contagion and self-preservation were addressed.

    Self care issues are also heavily addressed in the Health Promotion and Health Assessment areas of the course.
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    Quote from nminodob
    Self-care was also one of the first topics we studied at my school too - it was a 4 year degree, so at the time I thought it was just a b.s. course invented for filler. Now that I see the number of burned out nurses I realize there was really something to what they were saying...
    BTW, I liked someone's comment that without teachers there would be no nurses. I feel great pride in my nursing profession, but I also have great admiration for the many teachers who led and encouraged me and others along the way.

    No, it still is a useless filler course. As you know, most nursing theory doesn't translate into much once you hit the floor running.

    Nursing is primarily a technical job, always will be. There are exceptions (Patient education, advanced practice, desk job), but if you are a run of the mill general duty nurse, you will be sweating away like a hard labouror.

    The truth is, nursing takes a certain kind of person. You have to have that buring desire to be a nurse. You take the good with the bad, and it doesn't bother you. It's all in a days work. You either love the work or you hate it. There's really no course that you can help you if you hate the field. And most people who burn out quickly fall into that category.

    Physically, eat right (no junk food) and stay in good shape (regular exercise). If you don't do these things, you are going to struglge and feel worse. A healthy mind requires a healthy body, as I'm sure you know. The most unhappiest nurses that I see are the ones who eat donuts and chain smoke all day long. And I wonder why they are complaining that they don't have the energy to get through their shift....

    Try to find a facility that you really 'click' at. If you are a serious minded person, look for those types of people. Try a research position in a lab. If you are bubbly and have a good sense of humor, try the busiest ER in the city. Those nurses and docs usually have the quirkiest sense of humor because those are typically the people who work in the ER. You have to find a way to deal with the horrors that you see, and these are typically the people who cope well.

    My point is that no course can prepare you for the 'real world'. Most nursing students almost **** their pants when they get out onto the floor because the 'nursing theories' they learned in school really mean nothing when it comes to the actual job, and the politics of the job. It's a big wake up call. I think the problem is that nursing schools promote nursing as this noble profession, with dreams of one on one patient time. If nursing schools promoted the reality of nursing from the get go (it's a tough, rough, and full of kinks job), then they'd be less apt to admit people who are going to nursing school for the wrong reasons. In turn this may help the nursing shortage, as nursing schools keep churning out grads who often never stay in the field. There is a reason why nursing schools always have waitlists and yet we are always short nurses. Instead of removing the bottleneck, let's regulate who goes through it and it will sort itself out.

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    Please, can't ALL nurses just respect each other and get along? It's shameful, and that's why people are leaving nursing in droves.
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    This thread has taken several unwelcome detours in its four pages. Several posts about one off-topic subject have been edited or removed. Alas, the other side-trip having to do with teachers is not so easy to deal with. Editing in regard to that subject would leave gaping holes in the thread. Therefore, those posts will be left in place.

    Please, stick to the original subject--the emotional costs of nursing. Further hijacking--and the sparks that usually follow--may result in the thread being closed.

    One of the emotional costs of nursing is the way we go at each other hammer and tongs, when we should be closing ranks and supporting each other in the face of pressure from everyone else.

    Please, be kind, even when you disagree.

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    Quote from marylewis73
    We are planning a Nursing Tune-up conference this fall for those who wish to learn about all the current and best self care practices for nurses: Reiki, Polarity, meditation, gentle exercise, peer consultation,support groups and lots more. We will have a play back theater group mirroring critical scenarios, which aides in catharsis and moving on, and inspirational speakers. Let's remember: relationships build hope.
    Better yet, why not use the RN title to start a business in holistic care and forget about working at the bedside altogether. As far as someone who said they skip breaks and work OT for free and it makes them a better nurse than someone who can leave it at work, THAT IS COMPLETE BUNK!!!! It is a job, a way to earn a living, yes you need to care, but you don't need to care at the expense of yourself and your family. PUH-LEASE!
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    I hope the research also focuses on the high costs in terms of frustration and/or deep professional dissatisfaction that nurses face from repeatedly encountering the same patients who repeatedly abuse the health care industry with their bogus complaints and non-compliant behavior.

    "Burn out" comes in many ways and forms.

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    With the advent of the Press-Ganey surveys, now there is pressure to provide good 'customer service.' If your patient is a nut-case that will not be plaeased with anything you do for them, then you will surely hear from your manager because the Press Ganey score was low.

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