Largest US for-profit, HCA, purchases largest CO hospital consortium (non-profit) Largest US for-profit, HCA, purchases largest CO hospital consortium (non-profit) | allnurses

Largest US for-profit, HCA, purchases largest CO hospital consortium (non-profit)

  1. 3 So, as I understood it, HealthONE, the largest hospital consortium in CO, was controlled by a non-profit, CHF, but HCA, the largest for-profit hospital corp in the USA, bought them out of their share.

    HCA is based in TN, has over 160 hospitals and 100 other facilities nationwide. HCA is publicly traded, listed on NYSE (HCA), IPO was Q1 this year and market cap is over $17B!!!

    HealthONE has the most hospitals in CO: Swedish, Rose, Med Center of Aurora, North Suburban, PSL, Skyridge, Spalding Rehab, RRMC, and a bunch of other smaller facilities.

    What are the implications of this for patients and RNs?
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    I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area of Texas, and HCA owns many of the major hospitals around here: Medical City of Dallas, Medical Center of Arlington, Medical City Children's Hospital, Denton Regional, Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth, North Hills Hospital, Medical Center of Lewisville, Medical Center of Plano, Medical Center of McKinney, Las Colinas Medical Center, and more...

    To keep a long story short, the HCA hospitals DO NOT have a good reputation in the local service area.
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    Oh crap. How soon before they make a beeline towards Colorado Springs' Memorial Health Systems.
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    Run while you can. If the employees had any job satisfaction before, it's all about to go down the drain. Their attitude is that they'll do anything to save a buck, even if it ends up costing them more money in the long run because it was a stupid idea. From my experience, HCA does not care one bit about their employees. We're also the lowest paid around the area.
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    HCA cares little about it's employees and it is difficult to determine that they care about patient outcomes as much as they care about market share...
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    I wouldn't spit on an HCA facility if it was on fire, and almost everyone I've talked to agrees. I'm already blacklisted from HCA hospitals due to getting caught up in a management regime change, and this merging has made my job options even slimmer.
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    I still don't know how people allow this to continue. Yes healthcare will always be a business, giving money to doctors for medical care, but allowing CEO's and businessmen into the game is wrong. You think they give a damn about patients? Unless they are going to sue, they don't.
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    1. this ia all i have to say^ forbes.
    well maybe just this one thing- with all this going on- how much time does a ceo have to care about staffing and competent patient care- my rule of common sense!
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    Sounds like a good time to call the National Nurses United, unionize, and take control of your workplace before it is too late.

    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Somewhere in the PACNW
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    Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) is the largest private operator of health care facilities in the world. It is based in Nashville, Tennessee, United States and is widely considered to be the single largest factor in making that city a hotspot for healthcare enterprise. The founders of HCA include Jack C. Massey and Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr, grandfather of former U.S. Senate majority leader Bill Frist.
    Bill Frist's brother Thomas Frist Jr. became chairman and chief executive of Hospital Corporation of America in 1997.
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    Making senator Frist (a physician himself) a very wealthy man...of course, that is nearly a requirement now to become a member of either house of Congress. Additionally, those type of connections would clarify why so many are vehemently opposed to any health care reform which would nudge the system away from the profit driven model.
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    I thought HCA already owned HealthONE.
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    Well, that just crushed all hopes and dreams of me ever wanting to move back to CO.

    **** YOU HCA
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