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Video captures LAPD officers body slamming a local nurse during an arrest.... Read More

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    The LAPD recently had some publicity a few years ago for bashing a OC rich lady in the face.

    She was also being mouthy, so they turned the cameras off, when they came back on she was bleeding from the nose and mouth and her entire face
    was bruised. She was handcuffed entire time. All females should be careful in LA...Your very likely to get horridly beaten if the cops have to contact you for any reason.

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    Okay, I have to comment here:

    I was pulled over the other day by a local policeman:

    a) In my town
    b) For NO reason, I was doing the speed limit, stopped appropriately at stop signs etc
    c) The officer stumbled when questioning me when I very politely asked "why I was being pulled over, the officer made up lies which were almost "laughable"
    d) Ended with the officer apologizing for pulling me over, explained that he was doing an "aggressive patrol" in my town

    I NEVER raised my voice, cursed, got uncontrollably angry, although I had every right to be quite upset. Maybe its because I grew up where I've seen law officers go ballistic, shoot, beat, and berate many of my peers, and truth be known, I'm scared that I will be shot to death, for pulling out a wallet! hmph. It's a reasonable fear!
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    Quote from mjaybx
    ... I hope she takes them to the cleaners for every penny...
    Agree. They also need to go to jail... what they did was criminal.
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    I have a great number of friends/family that are law enforcement and I feel that my two cents are worth adding. First off, when you are pulled over for whatever charge it may be, you do not jump out and start yelling at cops (trust me, they get quite nervous about it). For all of you that may be thinking, well shes just a girl, GIRLS KILL PEOPLE TOO!! Yes she just happened to be an unarmed female, but when you start to fight with the cops, they resort to their training. Would any of you be less angered if instead of taking her down, they instead chose to use their tazzers?

    Do I agree that they used too much force, perhaps. Do any of use have a job in which people are plotting to kill me, no. Police officers ALWAYS have to be on the their defenses because lots of people want to kill them
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    When she's in the car and refuses to come out when asked, I say warn her first, allow her time to respond, and then if she doesn't comply, and if deemed necessary, then use the taser.

    Once she's handuffed and outside the car, and refuses a reasonable request, again warn her, allow her to repsond, and again use the taser... if deemed necessary.

    There's absolutely no reason in the world to brutally slam her to the ground once she's restrained. As previously noted, they could've killed her with that violent move.
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