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Video captures LAPD officers body slamming a local nurse during an arrest.... Read More

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    Quote from Mulan
    That's the smart thing to do.

    Not get out of your car, confront them, and yell and curse at them.

    Can see not "confronting" a LE officer, but am sorry if they are so thin skinned that what someone says and or their tone is going to set them off then it's time to look for another line of work.

    What were we all (hopefully) taught as children and teach our own (again hopefully?); sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

    The fact anyone would justify putting their hands on a woman, much less LE simply because she "yelled" and or spoke in an uncivil manner is beyond stupid, IMHO.

    We are not living in the 1940's, 1950's or even 1900's when police officers could beat the living daylights out of anyone for any reason justified by "the ends justify the means" or some such.
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    Agree, Do Good Then Go. Police are supposed to be trained to use the least confrontational approach, and to keep their cool no matter what someone says to them. It appears pretty obvious they were angry with whatever she was saying while she was handcuffed. They used their authority for an act of revenge, and most likely wrote their resisting arrest report in such a way that would explain her injuries. It sickens me.
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    This was all over because this person was on her cell phone? REALLY????
    Not that it is right, wrong or indifferent, but really, this was relatively minor compared to DUI or some other impared while driving scenario.
    The tape it looks like they pulled her out of her car. If she attempted to get out of her car, then they could have advised her not to. This escalated to the point that was far from appropriate. And the little "high five" fist bump is disgusting.
    Doesn't matter if she were a nurse, minister, Mom or college student, inappropriate on the part of LAPD, to say the least.
    She has documented injuries, and thankfully, it was all caught on tape.
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    Wow. As far as I am concerned, everyone involved was DEAD WRONG, no excuses.
    Police officers do not have the right to use excessive force. This was definitely excessive force.
    The "nurse" did not have the right to verbally abuse the officers. They are not paid to be abused, either. Verbal abuse is still abuse, in my book.
    If I beat my patient or if I verbally abuse my patient, I AM STILL WRONG. What is wrong with people nowadays that they feel entitled to go around beating and insulting everyone around them? Seriously. It is called respect, people. Seems like not enough of it is going around these days :/
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    Quote from Cold Stethoscope
    You don't think it's an important detail? Would it have been had the victim had a lengthy violent criminal record? How about if the victim were a minister?
    No, it's not an important detail.

    I don't care if she were a crack whore with a history of arrests. She didn't deserve the treatment she received, period.
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    She admitted to yelling/cursing but there is no indication of when that happened, or what the police officers did or said prior to that. If she did that after they had already grabbed her or maybe said something inapropriate I don't see how it would in any way justify their actions. Even if she "started" it its still not ok.

    I don't know why some cops think that if someone so much as looks at them the wrong way it means they can be violent.

    I'm all for them having the right to protect themselves if they are in actual danger, but come on, verbal abuse does not need to escalate to violence. Once again assuming what she said was actually abuse and not just her protesting their actions after something inapropriate had already been said or done on their parts.
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    And it just got a little more interesting as the Captain who was demoted has decided to sue LAPD based on some sort of retaliation and discrimination claim related to some past cases. The state agency closed his file which effectively kicks it up to the EEOC.

    Joseph Hiltner Suing LAPD Over Demotion Following Michelle Jordan Slam Video - Los Angeles - News - The Informer

    I think the officers pulled up behind her, saw that she had a cell phone in her hand, and pulled over into the parking lot there, so whatever she said commenced then.

    The thing is, she could have said anything she felt like saying and it is not against the law to do so. Dumb, yes. But not against the law, while face-planting a handcuffed woman is definitely against the law, and personally I think law enforcement should be held to stricter standards as we as a society allow them to carry weapons and basically deprive us of our freedom based on their word.

    They have to deal with drunk, high, psychotic people every day, so an angry response met with immediate physical retaliation is way beyond the bounds.

    What I really don't get is that this happened at 11:00am on the busiest street in our area here, surrounded by all sorts of retail establishments and many witnesses.
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    Actually they don't always get off. Not today with videos and youtube.
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    I'm not sure what her being a nurse has to do with it.

    Terrible situation all around, though.
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    Getting out of a car and approaching cops in a confrontational manner will generally lead to a take-down like the first one; one which appears legitimate, IMO.

    The second one, however, is the one where the one officer appears to have acted inappropriately and the one which will likely get him (a) terminated, and (b) prosecuted.

    I'm also guessing that their reports may not quite match the video documentation which is also going to land them both in hot water.

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