Labour Department Changes Rules For Home Health Workers.

  1. 2 Overturning a decades-old exemption, the U.S. Department of Labor has extended minimum wage and overtime benefits to the mostly female and minority workforce of nearly 2 million home health-care workers.

    The Fair Labor Standards Act will be extended to direct care workers, U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez said Tuesday on a conference call with reporters. Those affected by the rule will receive the same protections as people providing similar services in hospitals and nursing homes, effective Jan. 1, 2015.
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    Hooray for our side!!!
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    How is this a win? It doesn't go into effect until 2015 and by then someone will repeal this. How ridiculous.
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    Quote from xoemmylouox
    How is this a win? It doesn't go into effect until 2015 and by then someone will repeal this. How ridiculous.
    From what one has read subsequent to Obama yet again by passing Congress, the delay was intended to give small providers time to prepare.

    While on the one hand this rule change will mean HHAs will be *entitled* to OT and minimum wages, there is the worry that places will simply hire more workers and spilt cases between two or more HHAs to avoid paying overtime. The other worry is the financial impact this change could have on families that are paying in whole or part for home health care out of their own pockets.

    As for this action being repealed in future, I shouldn't worry too much. Obama has used his pen to side step Congress several times from marriage equality to immigration policy and don't see anyone coming after him from either party trying to reverse anything. Republicans are trying yet again to defund Obamacare and you can see where that is getting them.

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