Jobs hard to find for new nurses. Duh!

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    when john jerzak started nursing school in mid-2006, hospitals were offering $5,000 signing bonuses to nurses who promised to stay in their jobs for a year. predictions that the country faced years of nursing shortages were a "mantra," jerzak said.
    the promise of that level of job security was appealing to a guy who had spent decades in a blue-collar airline job and was enduring post-9/11 pay and pension cuts.

    "i really felt that it would be like picking low-hanging fruit from a tree, and the choices would be abundant," said jerzak, who is 55 and lives in springfield, delaware county.

    what a difference a recession makes.
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    Wow hiring BSN's only. I hope this doesnt become a trend.
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    Wow. Drexel went from 16 students to 1,000 students in 10 years.
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    This is a improvement over those endless "nursing is a recession proof profession" articles. At least people will be graduating with realistic expectations.
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    Wait are those 1,000 students all nursing?! How the flying fig trees do they get clinical time/slots/instructors for all those students?!!
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    In Boston new grad jobs are usually BSN only.

    I agree it is a cycle. But we need to learn from our past shortages, don't burn out your current nurses.
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    I'm in an ADN program and on the first day one of our instructors told is to get our BSN within in a few years. I planned to take a few years off and then get it anyway.....but for those that don't or if I don't follow my plan, I hope it doesn't.

    I just want to get finish this program first. This is the best route for me at this point.
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    Quote from Cindy-san
    Wait are those 1,000 students all nursing?! How the flying fig trees do they get clinical time/slots/instructors for all those students?!!
    We're placed throughout the tri-state region. Hahnemann is *definitely* not large enough to accommodate us. The clinical groups are 6-8 students, and I think each clinical instructor has maybe 3 or 4 clinical classes?
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    Thanks Captain Obvious!!! Preach it sista! My city had 2 BSN options and 3 ADN CCs when I started my prereqs and the 3 year wait list. They added 3 new for profit schools offering BSNs with no wait list in roughly 2 years, churning out hundreds of new grads twice a year. It's insane!
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    At least he stayed in the other job long enough to snag the pension...the year off between graduation and looking for work may not have helped land a nursing job, but he's got some income to live off of while he looks.