Is receiving care at home a civil right? - page 3

I noticed this story on NPR's website this evening. . Given the aging of the boomers, it examines an issue that has the potential to affect nearly all of us in one way or another in the... Read More

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    Quote from DC Collins
    1) I support home care as well. I just don't support robbing Peter to pay Paul to accomplish it.

    2) Actually, you might be out of that particular job. Good thing your skills (at least in a decent economy) transfer to other areas of nursing.

    Abbreviations R Us
    The Federal government may LIKE alot of things to happen, but unless they pony up the dollars, it aint gonna.
    And unless the people who WANT all these things are willing to pay higher taxes, it aint gonna happen. And I'm talking about ALL of you who voted Republican in the last election. You gave rich people a tax break, and voted yourselves deeper into poverty.

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