Inept nurses free to work in new locales

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    Lax regulators allow harmful workers to lose licenses in one state, keep them in others.

    ...Connecticut health officials discovered that Wilson had fallen asleep, then ignored -- or possibly turned off -- ventilator alarms that signaled the boy was not getting enough oxygen, state records show.

    And Jexier, they learned, was not the first child to die under Wilson's care. Seven months earlier, she had lost her registered nursing license in Florida for similar lapses in the death of another boy in 2002. In that case, 21-month-old Thierry LaMarque Jr. had stopped breathing while Wilson was caring for him at her Orlando home. Instead of calling 911, she tried CPR, then drove the boy's limp body three miles to his parents' house....

    ...Such breakdowns are readily fixable. Yet state regulators aren't using their powers to seek out this information, or act on what they find, the investigation found.

    Florida officials, for instance, didn't notify Connecticut authorities when they sanctioned Wilson -- even though she'd told them that she also held a Connecticut license. And Connecticut's nursing board renewed Wilson's license three times after Thierry's death, relying on her pledge that she hadn't been disciplined or investigated elsewhere....,full.story
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    What we have here is a failure to communicate.
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    Just sick.
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    Some seriously scary... stuff. Not the word I really want to say but it will do for now.

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    She had a license to begin with?

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    She should be charged with manslaughter and gross negligence. She deserves to be behind bars.

    Luckily, this isn't a very common occurrence, even in California. 177 is definitely 177 more than excusable, but only works out to about 0.05% of the nursing population.
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    national license might help, then when there is an issue, the license is gone for good
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    You know what burns me is that there are plenty of RNs that get blacklisted/blackballed to some degree b/c of personality BS issues-- and stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with competence, morality, ethics, etc.

    So here's an incompetent boob that just gets passed along, whereas a good enough number of good or even great nurses get shunned or "listed" (behind the scenes mind you) b/c of BS reasons.

    If I ever get rich I am going to post this question in mass surveys across the country.

    I have yet to figure why this is allowed to go on while idiots are passed along or even promoted.

    Can any nurse ANYWHERE please explain this to me?
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    Very easy to be angry with the nurse. She was dishonest and best. She'll have to answer for all that come judgment day. I would not want that on my resume when it is time to meet the maker.

    Focusing our energy on her is a waste though. She is not the problem. Well........she IS the problem, but she is not the one who should be focused on with regards to these incidents.

    The BONs who did not communicate that this person's license had been revoked are every bit as "inept". With the technology that exists today, there is not excuse for such a lax approach to checking credentials. They, as well as her did not perform their responsibilities. They are in charge of keeping nurses like this out of work. I could understand if she had changed her name or falsified documents, but she simply clicked "no" to the question about disciplinary actions and that was all it took to slip through. How amateur can you be?

    As usual, budget cuts and mismanagement lead to these two BONs being subpar. Yet, for some reason, when something goes wrong.......everyone is after the nurse (as they should be) but forgets everyone else's part in things. How about bringing the people from the BON office to trial as well as her.

    That, at least, would be a step in the right direction towards solving the problem. Instead of letting all the blame fall on the nurse. No one hesitates to preach about accountability to nurses, yet the people directly responsible for avoiding these exact situations get off the hook.
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    There are multiple articles with a similar theme on the website- propublica. If the BON's are not going to check then why do I have to jump through multiple hoops and pay multiple fees every time I want a new state license (I am a travel nurse ). In this age of technology is shouldn't be to difficult to have problem nurses listed on the state license page
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