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Lax regulators allow harmful workers to lose licenses in one state, keep them in others. ...Connecticut health officials discovered that Wilson had fallen asleep, then ignored -- or possibly... Read More

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    "You meet a lot of people on the way up. Don't F them, because you're going to meet them all again on the way back down." Ozzy Osborne

    That is what is happening in my life. Only I have stayed in the same place. Those who were not nice to me on the way up, beware.

    Quite seriously, at my last job, there was a nurse who came from another state. That was one dumb person. I questioned HR whether the nurse were licensed. Yes, in a compact state. I searched that state's licensure website; nursing was on the same page as trucking licenses, etc.

    I have deep fear of being called upon to supervise a wild card. In almost all situations, as RN, I will be asked to supervise other care givers. If the state can't figure out whose bent, how can I?

    Too much to ponder. I am taking up tax preparation.
    We once had a technician who claimed to be a licensed pharmacist in another state. I found that very difficult to believe, for a multitude of reasons (among them being that she was probably the most incompetent technician over the age of 22 that we've ever hired) but I did look up her license and she was telling the truth.

    Since she came to work on time, didn't cause trouble, etc. we did allow her to continue working, even though almost everything she did had to be done over. She just didn't care! I will be forever grateful that they never trained her to make IVs because I would not have trusted anything she did.

    Her husband is a physician, and I also strongly suspect that he was mentally abusive to her and their kids. They moved away a while back.