India: 73 patients die in hospital fire - page 2

Any hospital system I've worked for has used RACE for fire safety training. R standing for Rescue people in immediate danger if safe to do so. I wonder what type of training, if any at all this staff had received. The way it... Read More

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    unquestionably, i'm at a lost for words, this was a senseless tragedy not only for the patients involved also for their families & friends. furthermore, there are some many unanswered questions to this tragedy, i'm positive it will take a long time before we could hear the results of the investigations. my thoughts & prayers are with everyone involved with this unfortunate event.

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    I have worked/visited hospitals in India; we did not have the private rooms, nor big fire doors. We had wide hallways for ventilation in the heat, large ward rooms with many people in them, etc. Crowded conditions, lots of family, no or few elevators. Winding passageways in some areas, no clear route out.

    But lots of people get treated for things they would otherwise die of, or being crippled from; for little or no cost. Without all the drama that we moan and groan about with American families/visitors/execs. Totally different world and circumstances.

    I feel badly for the families, and the staff.
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