In Vermont, 90% of children who were vaccinated got whooping cough anyway - page 2

90% whooping cough in Vermont So going by this data, the more doses a child recieves, the more likely they are to contract whooping cough. So the unvaccinated children do much, much better... Read More

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    When I was a little kid, whooping cough was common. Let's assume that the drivel the OP posted was correct. That means that the vaccinated kids didn't die - and lots of little kids DID die with whooping cough. I hope OP isn't a nurse because the ignorance is embarrassing.
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    Gotta love the ignorance that surrounds us. I deal with non-vaccinators daily. I try to hold it in when they try to explain why they "don't subject their children to those toxins". It's tough.
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    I am constantly amazed that educated nurses don't trust/believe when it comes to vaccinations. Half the nurses I work with don't support vaccinations. It is simple germ theory with almost a 100 years of research to support it! We are supposed to be spreading knowledge, not bad data and conspiracy theories!
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