Images of Nursing: "I'm just a nurse" - page 2

Excellent short video on the public image of nurses and nurse stereotypes produced by Digital Education Strategies at The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University here in... Read More

  1. by   GitanoRN
    massrn116, In answer to your post, I shall say when someone ask you or any of my colleagues
    "are you the doctor?" One as a proud nurse should leave out the 'just" and state "I'm an RN" this demonstrates your pride for our nursing career.
  2. by   orangepink
    i used to say that a lot. "i'm just a nurse." then i met an elderly lady who fractured her right arm and she replied, "nurses are the backbone of healthcare." i never said those words again.

    and i will always remember this line from an episode of discoveryhealth's trauma in the er. "a hospital may survive with one doctor but it will never survive with just one nurse."
  3. by   P_RN
    I haven't heard the "just a nurse" as much lately as the more odious a "nurse is a nurse."

    It took me 12 years to become an RN and I am darned proud of saying I AM A NURSE!
  4. by   GitanoRN
    P_RN, I'll 2nd that Emotion!!!