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    oh wow

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    You (OP) thought we were joking in "The Mockery..." thread? Seriously? We never joke here. Ever.
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    Very disturbing. How in the world did this go undiscovered???
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    Quote from rnsrwe
    [color=#333333]"the park haven nursing home has only a one-star rating out of five in the 2009-2011 ratings o[color=#333333]f [color=#333333] more than 15,000 u.s. nursing homes from the centers for medicare & medicaid services. state records show park haven was cited for 18 violations last year, including not providing adequate care, the associated press reports."[color=#333333]
    really shocking that this happened there, eh?
    when i saw the headline, my first reaction was "how badly staffed was this nursing home?" i also wonder if the staff were in on it. maybe housekeeping, a cna, or a nurse set up the lab in a comatose patient's room.
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    Quote from RNsRWe
    It said he was neither a resident nor an employee. Fell into the "visitor" category.
    I can see it now. "We need to go back to grandma's nursing home! I forget my meth lab!"
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    Quote from FlyingScot
    Next new thread... "I was busted for cooking meth at a nursing home. Do you think I can still get a license in Ohio? It wasn't my fault. I had to do it because they didn't pay me enough! Oh, and the hours were better"
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    Possibly a family member set it up in the room. Method labs like this are actually very portable. They just stopped by to visit granny and cook up a batch. No one could smell it cause the guy next door had c diff.
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    Quote from pinkfluffybunny
    No one could smell it cause the guy next door had c diff.
    LOL Maybe the fairies have moved on to a new vocation
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    As if healthcare personnel didn't have enough to worry about already. Now you can add fireproof scrubs to your list of must-have equipment or risk getting your hiney singed when a meth lab blows up. I joke, but it's a sad/scary situation.
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    I'm curious about that too. I would think it would take up a little space, and from what I've been told they (meth labs) emit odors caused by all the chemicals.

    It didn't quote, but this was in reply to the comment about the meth lab going unnoticed.

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