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    Quote from meluhn
    FYI--Actually I have heard that you can test men for warts that cant be seen with the naked eye by pouring vinegar on their penises and the warts will turn white--seriously, I really heard this--dont remember when or where.
    It's called the acetowhite test. It's good for finding hyperplastic warts but poor for other lesions. I've read that many have abandoned the test due to high false positive and false negative rates.

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    Quote from PeachPie
    Even with heterosexual sex, they still have the risk of oral cancer. And yes, I have a homosexual friend who got rectal cancer who totally endorses Gardasil for both males and females.

    I honestly call BS on the "not cost-effective" angle of this. If women were asymptomatic carriers of a disease that risked men's penises, they'd vaccinate us no matter what the cost.
    Yep...can't endanger the penis.
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    This is disappointing news. HPV causes much more than just cervical cancer. The majority of anal cancers are HPV+ as are a large number of head and neck cancers. In addition we are now looking into the relationship between HPV and lung cancer. I hope studies like these don't dissuade researchers from doing more work on this topic. I imagine once they develop a more comprehensive vaccination (there are more high risk strains than just those covered by the vaccine) this cost/benefit ratio will be recalculated and vaccination recommended for both sexes.
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    Quote from bowser301
    hmm can a 7 year old boy get this or is it for like sexually active males?
    i just wanna know thanks.
    Sexual abuse. I have a female friend who had a partial hysterectomy at age 14 because her stepfather started molesting her at age 7, which turned into cervical cancer. I have a friend whose niece complained of pain down there, and the doctor discovered what he described as the worst case of genital warts he had ever seen. It happens to boys too. Nobody checks children for this kind of stuff because it's assumed they're not active.

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