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seek to avoid cuts in federal payments by tracy jan globe staff washington - as the deficit reduction supercommittee hunts for $1.5 trillion in additional savings, us hospital executives are... Read More

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    Well, there's be one group of people who are constitutionally guaranteed health care - prisoners. Come to think of it, they are also guaranteed 3 meals and a roof over their head. Hmmm, if our economy gets any worse, becoming a criminal might be a viable survival option.
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    Agree to both above. People are not going to stop going to the ER. And they cannot and will not be turned away. They have nothing so nothing to get from them. They do drive nice cars thou, or many do. And just look at the nails! People know how to play the system well and of course the ones who really need it get a bad name too. Prison can be great: "three hots and a cot".
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    Actually, a guy did this over the summer. James Richard Verone worked for Coca-Cola for 17 years, got laid off, and never was able to get a job with health insurance. When he noticed a growth start on his chest, he went to a bank, wrote a "this is a robbery, give me 1 dollar" and sat down to await the cops. He thought he'd go to a federal prison and would be in jail until he was eligible to collect his social security. Turns out, if you only rob 1 dollar, that's larceny, no federal charges. Here's the story....
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    Quote from OCNRN63
    I can't believe the people rooting for higher Medicare age. You really want to work into your 70s?

    They think they are going to be exactly like they are now, mentally and physically, .
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    I don't want to work until I'm 80, I just don't think I'm going to have a choice...
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    How STUPID to make the medicare older. Why would ANYONE want to vote on this to "save" the economy?? Do these voters think they will be happy to work another few years? They are not thinking. I have a couple years to go and to think I may have to add more years is a real downer.
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    Quote from Jolie
    which would be disastrous to our teetering health care system.
    I'm to a point where I'm starting to think I'd just as soon see the teetering system go over a cliff and crash only so that we could pick up the pieces and (hopefully) construct a more sensible and more equitable system.
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    Quote from needshaldol
    Cannot compare our health system to Africa... we will not be a third world country.
    Not to mention that Africa is not a country...
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    Quote from needshaldol
    How STUPID to make the medicare older. Why would ANYONE want to vote on this to "save" the economy?? Do these voters think they will be happy to work another few years? They are not thinking. I have a couple years to go and to think I may have to add more years is a real downer.
    Because the single most reliable bloc of voters happens to be those very people who are sucking the system dry (the seniors, that is)... the ones who won't be affected by the changes.
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    seniors protest proposed medicare eligibility change

    senior citizens clad in flapping hospital johnnies and hoisting signs reading "keep seniors covered" took the streets of downtown boston to protest the proposed increase in the eligibility age for medicare.

    "nobody's giving us anything," said ann stewart, 87, a medicare recipient and president of the massachusetts senior action council. "this is our money." stewart and other speakers said seniors have already paid for access to the federal health insurance program throughout their working lives.

    the protest on tuesday was led by a consortium of senior advocacy groups and health care providers who gathered outside the arch street building where the massachusetts hospital association has offices.

    the protesters said the statewide association, which represents hospitals and health care systems, has joined with the american hospital association to advocate raising the eligibility age for medicare from 65 to 67 to help reduce the federal budget. ...

    ... "under the current system in place, nurses already see seniors struggling to access the care they need," ryan said. "and when patients receive care, they are often receiving substandard care, as hospitals have refused to provide the staff and resources needed to keep our seniors safe."

    ryan said that while some massachusetts hospitals are in genuine financial distress, across the state the industry continues to post multimillion-dollar profits. she said the greed of the massachusetts hospital association was comparable to the greed of wall street speculators that led to the worldwide occupy movement in recent weeks.
    "if you want to know why this city and this country is being occupied and is ringing with the sound of outraged voices of protest, this is why," ryan said. ...

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    I do not understand this much. I am against raising the age for medicare. What I do not understand.....I see seniors receiving more than ever when it comes to health care. Medicare pays well for the acute hospitalized patient. In fact, I believe that a lot of the problem with expenses is that too much is spent at keeping people alive. End of life medicare is out of control. 93 yr old mom does not need every test done in the book when it is clear that she is leaving the world. I see the problem with senior services costing so much. Try to get some help with care in the home and one can go thru all their money. I do not have the answer but raising the age 2 years is not going to fix it.