Hospital lays off LPN's.

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    fairview southdale hospital is laying off all of their 23 lpn's as of 9/5/08. here is a article regarding this layoff.

    fired nurses accuse fairview southdale hospital of age discrimination

    hospital accused of age discrimination against 'old lpns'
    by jeremy olson

    article last updated: 07/30/2008 11:46:13 pm cdt

    fairview southdale hospital in edina is facing a federal age-discrimination complaint because it is firing 25 nurses — and 23 of them are older veteran nurses.
    the firings eliminate the remaining licensed practical nurses, or lpns, from the edina hospital as it moves to a model using only registered nurses, or rns. while many hospitals are going in this direction, the fired lpns believe fairview grew impatient because they weren't retiring as quickly as anticipated.
    "they want to get rid of these old lpns, so they're going to come up with any reason they can think of," said bob crock, an lpn at fairview southdale for 16 years.
    the lpns received termination notices this week but have known for more than a month that their jobs were in jeopardy. a memo on 2008 nurse staffing said fairview southdale would switch to all registered nurses, who have more training than lpns and more ability under state law to treat patients and administer medications.
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    Here is a youtube video that the LPN's along with SEIU in an attempt to gain support regarding their layoffs.

    Let's rally together as a nursing community to fight this growing trend of LPN layoff.
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    this is the sad state of nursing as it is today. they don't hire LPN's at my hospital anymore.... it's to bad that hospitals don't use all their resources...
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    where is this hospital?
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    Edina Minnesota
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    Why can't they help these staff re: education in order to upgrade?
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    They did that here once back in the midninety's It didn't work they rehired them back within 3 months
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    This is something that happened back in 1992 at a hospital I used to work. The LPNs that were left were either demoted to a nursing assistant or got their education to become an RN paid for-most took the RN route.

    It is now an RN-primary care hospital.

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    this must be so devastating for them. i pray that something works out in their favor.
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