hoping for these helicopter medical staff

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    hoping for their safety
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    they are in my thoughts~~
    i hope they are ok~~

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    I wish their families the best, I hope they come back safely.
    much love
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    Lord have mercy!

    My prayers for their safety.
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    The crew has been named and apparently search and rescue efforts are ongoing, but they are dealing visibility issues.
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    As a pilot, I know how dangerous a crash landing can be. They usually never have a good outcome. It appears this one has ended in the worst case scenario.

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- Searchers have found a body and wreckage from a medical helicopter missing in Alaska since Monday, a spokesman for the rescue effort said.

    A LifeGuard helicopter sits on the pad in Anchorage, Alaska, in a January 31 file photo.

    The body of John Stumpff, 47, a flight nurse, was discovered Saturday on the north shore of Passage Canal near Whittier in Prince William Sound, said McHugh Pierre, a spokesman for the Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

    Still missing are three other people aboard the Eurocopter BK 117: patient Gaye McDowell, 60, pilot Lance Brabham, 42, and paramedic Cameron Carter, 25. The search was to resume before dawn Sunday.

    "We're going to assume there are survivors," Pierre said, citing warm weather as favorable conditions for survival.

    Searchers on Saturday also found wreckage that has been identified as part of LifeGuard Alaska helicopter, including the left rear sliding door, Pierre said.

    The aircraft was heading from Cordova to an Anchorage hospital when it disappeared in blowing snow Monday evening.

    The helicopter crew last made contact with operators shortly after 5 p.m. Monday as they flew near Esther Island, about 75 miles southeast of Anchorage, according to officials with the Air National Guard, which was leading the search. The trip from Cordova to Anchorage is about 150 miles by air and usually takes about 90 minutes.

    LifeGuard Alaska is operated by Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage.
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    Very Regretable that this happen My heart goes out to those families involved.

    In this report it talks a little about the crew who they where and what they meant I liked that about the report. It gives honor to the lost person


    updates from flight webhttp://www.flightweb.com/index.php

    It seems the flight was lost in the water and memorial services being held for those involved. It was a very brave crew who lived there lives taking a chance to save another May the Lord be with there own now.

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