Home Health Nurse Assaulted Near Patient's House

  1. Health Companies On Alert After Nurse's Sex Assault

    Quote from WDSU News, New Orleans
    NEW ORLEANS -- Companies are on high alert after a home health nurse was attacked while on the job in Central City this weekend.

    Police said they are still looking for the group of men who dragged the nurse out of her car and sexually assaulted her.

    ..."We have that cloud over us now of worry," said Sue May, of Canon Hospice, a home and inpatient hospice service.May said the entire home health community is now on guard and is taking extra precautions for their safety. Canon Hospice is working with a security company to escort staffers in questionable neighborhoods.

    "The rule that I have for my staff is if you go somewhere and don't feel safe, leave," May said.
    Stories like this make my blood boil. This nurse was just doing her job bringing care to a patient, and then to be set upon by scum like this.

    What precautions, if any, do any of you home health nurses or your agencies take when on the job?
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  3. by   Hygiene Queen
    My fiance is a former cop and a private detective who actually has done bodyguard work for home health nurses.The nurses love it, but the companies are very cheap about it and hesitant to utilize my fiance.Why do nurses have to wait for something like this to happen before anyone gives a crap about their safety?
  4. by   lindarn
    Because nurses don't demand that they do that. I call it the , "may I negative".

    Mommy, may I stay up late to watch TV?? You know the answer is going to be, "no", but you ask anyway.

    I realize that a child asking for something that is not good for them, but the analogy is the same.

    Why do we ask for our safety to be considered, and used, when it is in our best interest to be safe to do our job.

    Perhaps you should consult an attorney, and inform you employer, what the legal ramifications are to allow nurses to go into areas that are not safe. Make it clear that you WILL sue if something happens.

    Document, document, document, when you have informed management of unsafe situations, and their response.

    Make copies for yourself. Write an incident report describing the situation, and again, make a copy for yourself.

    If something happens, you can bet your bottom dollar this documentation willl disappear.

    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
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  5. by   BundokSaint

    Looks like one of these d-bags turned himself in, and the police have identified three others that they are still on the lookout for:

    New Orleans police arrest suspect in kidnapping, gang rape of nurse
    Quote from NOLA.com
    New Orleans police have arrested one man in connection with a gang rape of a home health nurse in Central City. Police are looking for three others.

    Brian Beasley, 21, turned himself in at NOPD Headquarters about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, police said. He was booked with armed robbery, aggravated rape and aggravated kidnapping.

    Police have identified three other suspects, said Remi Braden, an NOPD spokeswoman. They are 21-year-old Jermaine Rumley, 19-year-old Darren Holmes and 17-year-old Glenn Elliott, she said...
    Hopefully they are all found and put away for a long time so the victim can get some sort of justice.