Helicopter crash at nursing home

  1. 0 Just want to say prayers please for those who lost their lives this morning in Oklahoma City in a medic helicopter crash near a nursing home and for their families. Also bravo for the great courage displayed by the nurses who worked at the nursing home for their assistance at this horrible accident. My heart goes out to all of you. God Bless.

    The helicopter crashed between St. Ann's Retirement Center and St. Ann's Nursing Home. The copter did not hit any buildings, and no one in those centers was hurt.
    Three crew members were on board. Two were killed in the crash. Three nurses from St. Ann's Nursing Home rushed to help. They, along with people passing by, pulled a third crew member from the wreckage just before the second explosion. The third crew member has been hospitalized in critical condition.
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    Link to story: 2 killed, 1 injured in OKC helicopter crash identified - Oklahoma City - OKC - KOCO.com

    houghts for the families of those killed and for the recovery of the survivor.
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    Thread moved to nursing news forum to elicit further response.
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    My heartfelt prayers to the families of those lost and injured. They were doing what they loved.

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