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actress Helen Mirren goes on record to say she thinks many hookers were nurses!!! :eek::eek::eek: I am so offended and incensed by this.....is there some way to collectively demand an apology? I... Read More

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    Quote from makes needs known
    I have gotten many men into bed, and a quite a few women, too. I am a loose woman. Ha Ha.

    Yea, me too....oh, wait....did you mean at the hospital????????
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    Well, you know many drug addicts came from the acting "profession".
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    Somehow this whole interaction between Helen Mirren and David Letterman strikes me as a tempest in a teapot.

    Sairy Gamp was the image of Nurses until Miss Nightingale's reforms became the rule rather than the exception. If you read Dickens and other authors of the time you see that a bottle of Port and a place to sleep (maybe) was considered good enough for the women who worked 7 days a week 14-15 hours a day. They weren't trained, they weren't interviewed and they weren't very clean. They carried slop buckets uncovered to the sewer room, they mopped using the same water for hours at a time, from the sewer to the OR to the ward. They may have worn an apron but was it washed and changed daily or even weekly?

    Look at the infection rate back then before Lister and Semmelweis and others figured out that GERMS carried from the morgue to the operating room on the doctors' hands, shirt cuffs and coats caused infection. No one would be caught "dead" going to a hospital for anything unless there was no other choice.

    Modern Nurses can say that Miss Nightingale was just another woman at the time, but to me she signifies the originator deep respect that Nurses deserve. Miss Mirren may have misspoken, but the origin of the prostitute "nurse" was based in fact.

    Any rational person in this century doesn't have a leg to stand on if they really believe that is the case today, Nevada notwithstanding.

    Plus I'm 65 and *I* LIKED her dress.
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    Quote from sheronep
    Actually she is correct. This is one of the first things I learned about in community health nursing. So don't be offended.
    She was saying NOW prostitutes that she met RECENTLY had been nurses prior to being prostitutes , she wasn't speaking historically.
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    she's an ignorant idiot. Not gossip...watch the link, she is entirely serious....
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    If she had just made her stupid comment that a lot of hookers were once nurses.... meh... whatever.

    What makes me a little peeved is the second part of her comment... that well since they're comfortable with the human body it's not a far jump. Excuse me ma'am, but I think there's a BIG difference between performing a medically necessary physical assessment and having sex with strangers for money.

    The comments she made on date-rape in 2008 are nauseating and infuriating for anyone who gives a you-know-what about women's rights and the problem of sexual violence.

    I'm not going to get too angry about all of it, though, because people say stupid junk like this all the time. It stinks that it's a public figure, but what can you do? It's just good to see that the media has picked up on her controversial rape comments, allowing advocates to present the other side of the story, and now a few gossip sites are having conversations about her nursing/prostitution comment. Maybe it too will pick up speed and reach larger media outlets.
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    Goodness... for a cohort who regularly demands respect, you guys sure are shameless about looking down on prostitutes and actors for their supposedly inferior lines of work. What maddening hypocrisy.
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    Quote from JoanJuxtaposed
    Goodness... for a cohort who regularly demands respect, you guys sure are shameless about looking down on prostitutes and actors for their supposedly inferior lines of work. What maddening hypocrisy.

    Where do you see hypocrisy?
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    I'm trying to understand the thought process underlying Mirren's comments that date rapes should not be prosecuted and prostitutes being former nurses. Some kind of sex/boundaries/roles confusion...? Misogyny?
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    Quote from JoanJuxtaposed
    Goodness... for a cohort who regularly demands respect, you guys sure are shameless about looking down on prostitutes and actors for their supposedly inferior lines of work. What maddening hypocrisy.
    What does nurses demanding respect have to do with what we think about other professions? Not only is it not hypocrisy, it doesn't even make sense. Hookers are just as free as we are to demand respect, too. And they have as much right to share their opinions about other jobs as we do. Feeling that one does a job that should be respected isn't invalidated because of an opinion about someone else's line of work.
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    Quote from StNeotser
    I'm British. She's British. I'm not giving her a pass on that. She's a stupid cow.

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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    *** Well from reading here on allnurses I have discovered the path to that repect is to get a BSN. Apperently if you have a BSN then you can be well respected even if you are a protitute.
    Good grief! If that's the way you feel, why are you bothering to get a BSN? (rhetorical question)

    This was an entirely different thread. Let it go already!
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    I don't see anything incendiary about her comment. She was NOT implying that nursing and prostitution are more or less the same thing, or by extension that any nurse is one halter top away from being a streetwalker.

    Her point was that nurses spend far more time in somewhat intimate proximity to strangers than anybody else, which is true, and that makes us a little less inhibited when we find ourselves in similarly should-be-awkward situations outside the hospital setting (e.g. when a friend - or friend of a friend - starts showing you some lumps on her breast; it happens.).

    The veracity of her statement is the same as any other opinion, highly subjective. Personally I don't see the need to get all up in arms and faux indignant over it.

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