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actress Helen Mirren goes on record to say she thinks many hookers were nurses!!! :eek::eek::eek: I am so offended and incensed by this.....is there some way to collectively demand an apology? I used to be such a fan of hers... Read More

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    Since I can't find a job as a new grad, hmmmm....
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    Quote from JulieCVICURN
    Eh, I think too much is being made of this. It seems pretty obvious that she talked to a couple of women at that brothel and made the erroneous assumption that because there were a few former nurses in the bunch that it was an industry-wide phenomenon. It doesn't sound like disrespect, just naivete and ignorance. She's an actress, for god's sake, not a rocket scientist. Just because she has a british accent doesn't make her any smarter than Traci Lords. Who I happen to adore, BTW. Her post porn career has been fun to watch.

    Agreed. Her comments were made out of ignorance, not malice. However, people are annoyed by her comment and rightfully so. I don't think they are making too much of it.
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    Her comments may have been made out of ignorance, but that is no excuse. You shouldn't speak publicly about something that you have no knowledge of. Heck, you can be prosecuted for crimes and pleading ignorance won't get you off. This is also the woman who made very controversial comments about women and rapists.

    And, what about the huge uproar when Tom Cruise made comments about post partum depression and medications? He was (rightly) vilified for speaking about something he had no knowledge over. How is Helen's comment any different? She insulted a group of people that she doesn't know and it shows.

    Anyway, if anyone wants to leave a message on her facebook page, she does have one. You have to click "like," unfortunately, and then you can leave a comment, if you want.
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    I just don't see it as insulting. I actually find it more detrimental to the profession that so many of us seem to be so quick to jump on things like this and get incensed rather than to find a little humor in it and laugh it off. It's just a dumb actress making a not-very-well educated observation based on her experience. I fail to see how it insults the nursing profession in the least.
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    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    Finally where do you think the "moral fittness" clause in nearly every nurse practice act the world round comes from?
    There are no morals clauses for Australian nurses, at least so far as I know or could find on a quick Google search. I don't know if that's in any way related to the fact the prostitituion's legal here...

    Someone posted a link to a website (cele|******.com) that discusses the Letterman appearance. THe site owner responded in the comments that:

    I think that people who are getting offended by this are making a logical error. Saying a lot of hookers used to be nurses is not the same as saying a lot of nurses will become hookers, if that makes sense. Obviously her original statement was a logical error in the first place, though. She met maybe one or two hookers that used to be nurses for whatever reason (they were friends and ended up at the same brothel, whatever) and then decided that since she met two then a lot of hookers must come from the healthcare industry, which again is NOT the same as saying a lot of nurses become hookers.
    I couldn't agree more.
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    Well she is dead wrong. It's actually the reverse. Lots of hookers become nurses.
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    You shouldn't speak publicly about something that you have no knowledge of.
    If everyone felt this way, people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh wouldn't have talk shows.
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    Haha, this is so ridiculous I can't even be offended. Who thinks "Wow, nursing has taught me so much about the human body that I think I'll sell mine." ? Although... I am going into the field for the versatility You can't blame her, she's just an actress. She lives in a fantasy world.
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    Helen Mirren is obviously NOT educated on the subject.....
    Last edit by Otessa on Jun 16, '10
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    Quote from SharonH, RN
    She was not speaking historically she was talking about today's nurses and she was dead serious. Clearly she's not as bright as we assumed, that is what comes from confusing the roles one plays with the real person. There is no doubt she is a great actress but outside of that field she appears to be woefully ignorant.

    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed. View this video at YouTube
    If we listen closely we hear that she researched which would entail asking questions of the people who work there. If one or more of the women she spoke with came from, what she perceived as, a nursing background then she is guilty of generalizing by stating 'a lot of girls' come from a nursing background. Most likely she was was drawing on whatever came to mind in order to make conversation. In one nights research at one brothel she has made the assumption that lots of girls who prostitute, come from nursing backgrounds? Yikes, Helen, not cool!

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