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actress Helen Mirren goes on record to say she thinks many hookers were nurses!!! :eek::eek::eek: I am so offended and incensed by this.....is there some way to collectively demand an apology? I used to be such a fan of hers... Read More

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    Oh, the only other profession (though not nearly equal in rank IMHO as nursing), that historically been associated with *bad girls* are laundresses and needleworkers.

    Religous orders and governments long felt the (then) hard work of laundry was useful and good females who had gone astray, erred, or otherwise didn't fit the standard of the day. Convents, prisons and other institutions for females all had laundries that took in major amounts of work.

    Needlework was something most every woman knew back in the days, and again it was seen as a useful occupation to "reform" bad girls. It was also one of the only ways a woman earn funds aside from the streets, though in some countries, professional needleworker guilds were banned by law from having "known" public women as members. This was because daughters of the better classes were often sent to live with "linen maids" to learn embroidery skills, and it simply wouldn't do if such woman was not respectable.

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    I'm British. She's British. I'm not giving her a pass on that. She's a stupid cow.
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    It's such a wackadoo statement, I don't even feel like wasting my energy getting offended.
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    I think the only people who should go on record spewing facts on hookers should be hookers themselves. I don't get her comment, unless she has met a couple of women who have been down that road.

    You know how it is to some people- they hear certain experiences from 2,3,4 people then that becomes 'everyone'.
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    Quote from CamaroNurse
    Laugh all you want.

    I know my pimp laughs all the way to the bank.

    Speaking of, gotta go - my corner's getting lonely.
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    I still can't get past seeing her in The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover... can't see her in the other roles, as a queen or otherwise. She's a great actress, but I think the scenes from that movie have tainted her in my mind... So perhaps a bit of incorrect stereotyping on my part, too!
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    An incredibly dumb thing to say. And her outfit a tad too much of the naughty schoolgirl for a woman of 65 years.
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    Eh, I think too much is being made of this. It seems pretty obvious that she talked to a couple of women at that brothel and made the erroneous assumption that because there were a few former nurses in the bunch that it was an industry-wide phenomenon. It doesn't sound like disrespect, just naivete and ignorance. She's an actress, for god's sake, not a rocket scientist. Just because she has a british accent doesn't make her any smarter than Traci Lords. Who I happen to adore, BTW. Her post porn career has been fun to watch.
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    Quote from JulieCVICURN
    She's an actress, for god's sake, not a rocket scientist.
    My sentiments exactly-she's very good at what she does (ie pretending to be someone else) but that doesn't mean that she necessarily should be quoted on other topics. Where are her sources, has she been published in a peer review journal?

    Or is she just expressing an opinion, and unfortunately is blessed/cursed with a much larger audience than I am when I open my mouth and stick my foot in it.

    I enjoy her work, but, she. is. just. an. actress.

    ps maybe if I took up the alternate career path my feet wouldn't hurt so much, but then again.......................................
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    I am wondering if some of the ladies told her that they were nurses or aides prior to working there. I don't feel she was being disrespectful to nurses in general.

    And many hundreds of years ago, a boyfriend wanted me to take a day off to 'play'. I told him I couldn't afford it, so he 'paid' my salary for that day! No regrets, as I recall!

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