Healthcare To Create 5.6 million New Jobs By 2020

  1. The healthcare industry will spawn 5.6 million new jobs by 2020 - most of them high-paying - but most unemployed Americans won't have the expensive schooling necessary to land them.,1325697.story

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    On 21 June 2012 Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workplace released a report on the future of healthcare industry in the United States.

    Amoung their findings were that while the demand for nurses is expected to increase there will not be enough growth in the profession to meet.

    Professional nurses are becoming required to have more education (BSN) which while may be good for patients will put minorities (African Americans and Latinos) at a disadvantage. This is mainly because of how poorly those groups do in math and science which are part of any four year degree.

    There will be a huge increase in demand for UAPs including nursing assistants and home health aides. However the educational level of those workers will increase but not their overall wages. The study mentions that the average wage for a home health aid is around $20k per year, hardly enough to justify taking on student loan debt for further education.
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