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According to the article, it looks like 4 (total) nurses were included in the 91. Apparently spread across the 91 people, Medicare was billed for nearly $300 Million. Yikes! I realize that this is nothing new but that is still a... Read More

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    [color=#990000]captured: enrique gonzalez

    enrique gonzalez figueredo was extradited to the united states from peru early this morning by the united states marshals service.

    investigators believe that gonzalez and his co-conspirator billed medicare for over $26 million for medical services that were not provided or were not necessary.

    captured fugitives | oig most wanted fugitives | fraud | office of inspector general | u.s. department of health and human services

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    Whole thing is as currently designed both Medicare and Medicaid are ripe for abuse and fraud. While federal and local governments have gotten better at finding and dealing with fraud and waste, still more, so much more goes undetected.
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    Jury rules Tuomey Healthcare violated Stark in claims worth $39M
    After a four-week do-over trial, a jury concluded Thursday afternoon that Tuomey Healthcare System in Sumter, S.C., violated the False Claims Act by submitting tens of thousands of illegal bills to Medicare worth $39 million.

    The 10-person jury agreed with prosecutors and a physician whistle-blower in the highly charged case, finding that the hospital was paying doctors in ways that rewarded them financially for referring patients to the hospital, violating both the Stark law and the False Claims Act. ...

    Jurors found that Tuomey submitted a total of 21,730 Medicare claims that were tainted by illegal compensation arrangements.

    Tuomey lawyers have said a finding of False Claims Act liability could be financially catastrophic for the 242-bed community hospital.

    The hospital's ultimate financial penalty is not yet decided. Federal law would require repayment of all of the money paid under illegal Medicare claims, and the False Claims Act allows the government to try to reclaim up to triple the amount of total damages, plus as much as $11,000 per claim. ...

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