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Just read this article about the HCA corporation. I've never worked at an HCA hospital but have heard plenty of negative comments about them on AN. I'm also from the area in South FL discussed where HCA hospitals about, and... Read More

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    To each his own I guess.

    I worked for HCA for 10 years and loved it. I ALWAYS got my annual raise, my benefits were amazing, and the nurse to patient ratio was fine. Patient care was always exceptional. I do understand, however, that not every HCA facility is perfection. Even the one I worked for had it's issues, but you'll find something you don't like about any place you work.

    I work for a not for profit hospital now, and it sucks. No raises in 3 years, we are 20% behind in pay grade in our area, short staffed ALL THE TIME, and the benefits SUCK. I can't complain about patient care too much, but couldn't at HCA either.

    Personally, I think for profit is the way to go. It is more financially stable, and the hospitals in the system bringing in less money can be bailed out and supported by the profit from other hospitals in the chain that are faring better.
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    Our local HCAs are horrible. 9+ to 1 ratios. Ran out all of the experienced RNs and replaced them with new grad LPNs. And very doctor centered, you don't DARE question anything one of the profit generating MDs might say or do if you're merely a profit sucking nurse.
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    During the last week of April, I had a medical problem and wound up in an HCA hospital. I had previously worked at this particular hospital, so I knew the care would be good. No problem there. I have good medical insurance, paid my deductible upfront. Had 2 CT scans and numerous procedures involving anesthesia services, etc. After I was discharged, I wound right back up in the ER the very next day, due to some problems I continued to have. More labs, more tests, etc. My total bill there was only $750 after my insurance paid out. Six weeks later, they turned me over to a collection agency!! I was recovering, and simply waiting for the insurance to pay the anesthesiologist, surgeon, the patho labs that were sent out to another agency, etc. I was getting tons of bills for stuff I didn't even know for sure what they were for. I simply wanted to wait until they all came in, and pay it all at once, since it was 2 separate hospitalizations, plus the ER charged me separately. I simply could not believe they turned it over to an outside collection service, in just 6 weeks from the first day I went there. I didn't appreciate dings on my credit rating. I could understand it if I simply refused to pay up, but not in just 6 weeks. Heck, let me recover first!
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    Which HCA hospitals hire new graduates? Is there a specific recruter to ask for?
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    Consider the source...NY Times. Uber liberal paper which will always demonize big business. That said, I've worked in several hospitals, and they were ALL understaffed.
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    Quote from tamadrummer
    The newspaper is going to slam anyone making a profit as evil.
    That is ridiculous. Did you conclude that from your personal anecdotal experience, versus a systematic study of outcomes, etc.?

    My father worked for a hospital that was taken over by Columbia/HCA, and his experience negates the good experiences here. It was clear that they way to profit for the hospital was to fire a huge number of people, regardless of patient safety. After a few years HCA declared "victory" and bailed out.

    Can anyone think of any HCA hospital that compares to good non-profit hospitals, of which there are many? Are those who do the rankings simply ignorant of all the world-class HCA hospitals?
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    REALLY?? @ MissLizzie you are lucky. I worked for HCA and it was 7:1. Then consider covering breaks! NIGHTMARE!! I left.
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    I worked for them. The nurses are famous for fudging their notes to fit an unrealistic patient load (7 on tele, plus the LPNs pushes and assessments). My preceptor told me to say "patient not available" if the meds were late and that a head to toe assessment was not needed if I had the pt yesterday!! "get in get out!" REALLY?? what about blood clots? Lung consolidation? HELLO? Meds never stocked, no supplies, running to ICU to get meds from their stash. I left because it was so bad at my facility. COW's falling apart, no working BP machines etc... They ran out of alcohol swabs. I was literally going to other units to find alcohol as a brand new RN. It was horrible. I'm paying them back for their nurse specialty program because I absolutely will not work like that.
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    As a traveler, I worked at several HCA hospitals in Florida.

    Ratios were atrocious, penny pinching ruled, you couldn't pay me enough to take a staff position there.
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    I can' get past the violation of EMTALA and sending patient's out of the ED just because they can't pay! If a hospital is capable of treating the patient's illness- that hospital is supposed to treat the patient!

    As for the major boo boos in triaging- I hope that old doctor in the wheelchair lives long enough to be a patient in that hospital. His rich sacrum is just as prone to decubs as any poor man's.

    As for that current CEO - there ought to be a rule or a law, a CEO MUST seek medical care in the hospital they run unless that hospital is not medically equipped to treat- if the goat needs a stent, and the hospital is capable of performing PTCA then he receives his care there- not quietly go to another hospital.
    Paddywaggon to jail, Please!! I'll make sure it's wheelchair accessable.

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