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More bad news for this troubled country, just awful. God help them. Cholera Outbreak | Haiti News | Epidemic (hat tip crofsblogs)... Read More

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    Doesn't sound like there is much room for doubt Indigo.

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    Halting Cholera's Rampage in Haiti
    The case for cholera vaccinations in Haiti being made by this opinion piece is well thought out.


    Quote from www.washingtonpost.com
    THE CHOLERA EPIDEMIC in Haiti, which began 11 months ago and quickly became the worst such outbreak in modern history, has exacted a jaw-dropping human toll. So far it is reported to have killed nearly 6,500 people and sickened almost a half-million — 5 percent of the country’s population. And public health experts believe those official figures badly undercount the number of victims.

    ...there are compelling reasons to add vaccinations to the arsenal of public health weapons that has been deployed against cholera in Haiti. After a severe spike in infections during this summer’s rainy season, transmission of the disease has tapered off somewhat, but cholera is still killing Haitians at a rate of at least 10 a day and sickening tens of thousands more each month. Experts believe that cholera, which had never been documented in Haiti, is now endemic there; tragically, it is likely to be a fact of Haitian life for years.

    ...A recent study showed that if only 5 percent of the population in the most vulnerable areas were vaccinated, it would cut the number of cholera cases by 11 percent, and if 30 percent of Haitians got the vaccine, it would reduce infections by 55 percent and save 3,320 lives. Surely that would be a worthwhile return on a very modest investment.
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    global failures on a haitian epidemic


    how it all began. patient zero was a 38 year old, mentally ill man, jean salgadeau pelette.

    Quote from [url="http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/01/world/americas/haitis-cholera-outraced-the-experts-and-tainted-the-un.html?_r=2&pagewanted=1"

    on oct. 16, 2010, mr. pelette, 38, woke at dawn in his solitary room behind a bric-a-brac shop off the town square. as was his habit, he loped down the hill to the latem river for his bath, passing the beauty shop, the pharmacy and the funeral home where his body would soon be prepared for burial.

    the river would have been busy that morning, with bathers, laundresses and schoolchildren brushing their teeth. nobody thought of its flowing waters, downstream from aunited nations peacekeeping base, as toxic.

    in the 17 months since mr. pelette was buried in the trash-strewn graveyard here, cholera has killed more than 7,050 haitians and sickened more than 531,000, or 5 percent of the population. lightning fast and virulent, it spread from here through every haitian state, erupting into the world’s largest cholera epidemic despite a huge international mobilization still dealing with the effects of the jan. 12, 2010, earthquake.
    (hat tip crof's blog)

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