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Good nurse gone

  1. 6 Today a patient's family member lost control and stabbed a surgery nurse, and others, including visitors. The first nurse died from her injuries. He was arrested, but the trauma has affected the whole community. I do not work at that facility, but know a lot of people who do. The entire nursing community is grieving over this senseless act. Does anyone have any insight on what can be done to protect staff from these incidents?

    Nurse dead, four wounded after stabbing spree inside Texas*hospital* - NY Daily News
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    What a tragedy. My heart goes out to all of the friends and family of the deceased. I have nothing to say except that I think hospitals need to really beef up security. It would seem that they are no longer a safe place for patients or staff alike.
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    How awful! Did the outburst come "out of nowhere", or did it seem like this family member had been escalating for a while? I try to get security involved ASAP when people are not responding to attempts to de-escalate a situation. The person could also have been "silently seething" for things that were completely out of their control, such as delayed surgery time, etc and took it out on the nurse. There are no excuses for what happened here. My heart goes out to this nurse's family and friends.
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    Can you divulge where/what facility?

    I'm sure it will be in the news at some point, regardless.

    How incredibly tragic. And infuriating.
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    Horrible news, but from where I sit ... not at all surprising.

    I beg of you all ... please, please be alert to any patient or visitor who is escalating. Get help -- little good ever comes from continuing to engage an angry person on your own.

    This is at least the second stabbing within a U.S. hospital within the last month.
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    Oh my God! My prayers for the families and the facility....I am so sorry classicdame. This has always been a fear of mine.I just don't know what possesses people these days.
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    So horribly sad.....prayers for protection, strength and comfort. May God be with you all. So sorry.
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    threads merged......
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    Wow how sad
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    Very unnecessary and tragic.RIP
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    We just instituted an "armed intruder" policy and will have regular drills. It scares the crap out of me. I'm in LTC so the nutty family members tend to stick around for awhile. Through the years I have been there we have had some crazy incidents with a gun, a few knives, a few family members threatening bodily harm against staff and even a guy with a baseball bat. I worry about the lack of support from our aged security staff.
    We are pretty good at recognizing impending issues and have (several times) barred a few family members from the facility-in hindsight might not be the best answer because what's to stop them from waiting out in the parking lot? I really think that each and every one of us needs some training in talking these people down.
    Wesometimes joke about picking someone to use as a shield (I have a particular coworker in mind) but it's really not funny.
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