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Girl Brain Dead after Tonsillectomy - page 33

This is such a tragic story and breaks my heart to hear of this, but shouldn't the people caring for this girl realized that she was hemorrhaging and that amount of blood was NOT normal? I mean I am... Read More

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    It definitely is a victory for the hospital. The ruling's were that

    1) The mother can assume 100% responsibility of transferring Jahi to anywhere she is accepted.

    -however, the only accepting facility, as of now, requires the g-tube and trach

    2) The hospital is NOT required to preform the procedures nor allow a 3rd party to preform the procedures within the hospital itself.
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    Hopefully there was also a provision that no members of the hospital staff/code team will respond when her heart stops after removing the ventilator if this occurs on hospital property. There is no way that I would agree to "code" a body that has been dead for nearly a month.
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    So, if she leaves facility and family (finally) realizes the child is dead, do we think they will willingly allow the ME to conduct an autopsy? (I have an inkling that the results might not show what family hopes it will) Like many previous posters, I am most concerned with the staff dealing with this circus as well as the pts/families also in the PICU and those children who actually NEED the bed this poor deceased child is occupying. Please let this circus end soon.
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    Quote from FLAlleycat
    "Things are starting to look like this was family noncompliance, not physician error or nurse negligence. " Trials & Tribulations: Jahi's Legacy
    The article brings up a good point. How long & hard did Jahi & her family try to make her change her lifestyle? Did they have this complicated surgery because they didn't want to change their lives? Type 2 Diabetes can go away with healthy eating & exercise. If she lost weight the asthma might've gone away/gotten better. What a shame.
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    I am a mere civilian, not a medical professional nor anything near it... signed on just to say THANK YOU for this blog. I live in SF and this story has dominated the news now since just about the 14th, 15th, 16th.... and I have been horrified. Sloppy reporting, failing to note court orders from Judge Grillo, a total disinterest in the findings and remarks of Dr. Fisher from Lucile Packard (to say nothing of all the physicians are preceded him), etc... and an uninformed public, some at least, are buying the family's stories (and that is all they are) hook line and sinker...

    hopefully the circus of horrors ends soon. THANK YOU. - Marisacat
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    I've been creeping on the "Keep Jahi on life support" page on Facebook. Very disturbing So many people have such poor understanding of how the brain works
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    Quote from OCNRN63
    Unfortunately, this case has now set a precedent legally. How long will it be before the next grieving family goes to court to demand their loved one remain on life support after brain death has occurred.
    This.... This is exactly what I am afraid of from all of this.
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    "On Friday, the Alameda County Coroner issued a death certificate stating that Jahi died on Dec. 12."

    "Children's Hospital attorney Douglas Straus said the agreement also requires that the Alameda County coroner issue a death certificate."

    "Straus said those conditions include that the Alameda County coroner must sign a document accepting Jahi's body and that Jahi's mother, Nailah Winkfield, must agree to be "wholly and exclusively responsible" for Jahi's medical condition if she is moved from the hospital."

    I'm a little confused as to why the judge is allowing Jahi's' mom to keep her on a vent if a death certificate has already been issued.
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    Quote from AOx1
    ^ This. A thousand times this, or at least we can wish for a return to reason. This case perfectly illustrates the need for a balance between the paternalism of the past, and our current "customer is always right," hospital-as-Disney-cruise mentality.
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    Quote from TiredKitten
    I'm a little confused as to why the judge is allowing Jahi's' mom to keep her on a vent if a death certificate has already been issued.
    It's been issued but not 'released' until an examination can be done, is my understanding.
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    Quote from FLAlleycat
    "Things are starting to look like this was family noncompliance, not physician error or nurse negligence. " Trials & Tribulations: Jahi's Legacy
    Excellent coverage from the blog and the subsequent links.
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    Death certificate is pending autopsy to add cause of death. As in many hospital deaths autopsy is required unless true cause is known such as STEMI AEB troponin, enzymes. & EKG or massive head trauma post gun shot to head.
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    Latest apparently she is seeking a ventilator for transport and taking her home. It seems

    Doubtful any hospice or PDN agency will accept the case since she was declared dead on 12/12/13. And insurance is not likely to pay if they even had access to such benefits (many policies have extreme limits on PDN & home health care)

    It's blatantly obvious by court documents and family/lawyer commentary that the New Beginnings Community ( outpatient) center is no longer a viable option. It seems with all this publicity NYBoH has started investigating the hairdressers & spokespersons claims. They cleaned up their FB & website apparently at legal counsel advice and even the over-the-top volunteer has deleted her outrageous posts except for her posts on versions news stories (using FB and this her real name). It seems this organization cannot remove the reviews though.