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  1. by   CraigB-RN
    As I read the posts in this thread, I had to sit here and shake my head.

    I've been doing this since 1978 and I look at my work environment now, and look back at were I came from. I hate to tell you this but the problem isn't' our legislators, it isn't insurance companies, it's not hospital administrators, it's nurses and nursing. The ANA's comments to the contrary, the work environment is what we make of it. we as a group don't support each other, and when the work environment sucks we blame it on Joint Commission, or management or whoever, but are not willing to accept the blame. The statements about new comers leaving the workforce,isn't a simple one either. It's a generational issue. New employees in all professions as a rule don't have the connection and ownership that earlier generations did. When I precept new grads and nursing students, a large number plan on going into something were they can make $$$, become a CRNA or NP. They go to nursing school with that in mind. Not all, but enough.

    Search the threads here about nurses eating their young. It's been a problem for the 30 years I've been doing this and it's talked about all the time, but nothing ever changes. We point fingers and blame, but few take on the responsibility themselves.

    Nursing shortage. First you have to remember, different people are talking about different things when they mention nursing shortage. There is a difference between the number of nurses needed to get a job done, and the number people would like to have to get the job done. In economic times like this the number to get the job done takes a priority. I know a couple of those nurses who aren't working as nurses. they knew in nursing school that they didn't like it, but finished anyway. One wanted to have a family and her hubby is a pharmacy director and makes enough that she doesn't have to . The comments about, medical problems keeping nurses from working because of the physical requirements. Well I've seen postings were secretarial positions required to lift 50 lbs.

    All in all I thought the foxnews piece was a decent positive piece. it's a couple of hundred words to state a complex subject. Is it the best article ever written, No but it's a positive article on nursing.

    Oh and have you ever looked at the make-up of the Joint Commission and who makes a lot of the recommendations? They are nurses. Who sits on boards of nursing, nurses. Can't blame hospital management for that. Pt satisfaction surveys, Oh no. Funny I have a letter of counseling from 25 years ago, because my patient complained they didn't get a back rub. Doesn't matter that I had 12 fresh post ops and 4 appendectomies that had to go to the OR, oh and the patient also complained that I didn't leave the ashtray close enough to were she could reach it.

    And of course money. But it's not about the money, or so people say. Well I turned in my taxes on the 15th. And according to my 1040, I made a lot of money as a nurses, and I only work 36 hours a week. Now some places make less, and some make more, but $$$ isn't the problem.

    Look at the positive change that has happened over the years, Most if not all started from grass roots actions. Rosa Parks didn't go to the back of the bus, The Martin Luther King march. Women's rights, The didn't start from the top, they started from the bottom.

    Yes by all means write those letters, and I applaud those who take the time to do it, it's to easy to ignore it.. But its' time to for us to take responsibility for our own plight. It's time for us to show up at our state boards of nursing and demand something that is standardized. It's time to realize that the old ways of teaching nurses, may not be the best. It's time for us to show up on our legislators doorsteps and demand nurse practice acts that let us be nurses. And that A nurse in Maine is the same as a nurse in CA.

    and maybe it's time for a new nurses organization. the ANA is pointing fingers, but I can't really say that I can remember them doing anything but taking my money over the past 30 years. Maybe not new, but a restructure, something different, an organization that really supports all nurses, the LTC/SNF nurse as well as the acute care nurse.
  2. by   Valerie Salva

    I have to say I don't agree. For me, it has always been poor mgmt., and being given too many pts than I can safely care for which has soured jobs for me and caused me to leave them.
  3. by   CraigB-RN
    But my point is has the corporate body of nurses in your organization done anything together as a group to improve things? Have you gotten together and pledged to support each other, and actually done it? Do you support, and do everything you can to help that new nurse, who is struggling, or do you as a group talk about them in the break room? Did your co-workers help you? Again I have to go back to "the old days" and AM care. I had 12+ patients, (yes they weren't as sick as they are now), but we worked as a team and got it done. Beds made, meds past, the works. and we had fun. Anecdotally I don't see that now.

    It's not the best example, but have you ever read any of the stuff out of the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle? That is the kind of thing I'm talking about. Google it. There are also health care organizations that have embraced the concept and turned their work place into a fun place to be.

    I've had incompetent management, or at least management who doesn't see things the way I do. That isn't their job.

    Those are the issues that we need to address at the same time we're writing those letters. Personally I don't see much problem with the overseas nurses. The problem that I see, and the one that will keep anything from changing, is that nursing care is included in the basic room rate. we aren't a revenue generating department. Unlike Lab, resp therapy, OT, PT and the such, everything we do is included in the base room rate,a long with housekeeping, maintenance and such.

    yes there is incompetent management out there, that is for sure. But there is also great management, Nursing is no different than any other profession when it comes to that.
  4. by   miko82
    not that I trust Fox News all the time... but the article was from the Associated Press not Fox =p
  5. by   JStyles1
    im sick of all of these people choosing nursing b/c they think that its a "safe" profession. if your heart isnt in it then don't go into it. i guess a good side of the situation is that half the people that try to get into nursing fail miserably and end up going into a psychology major
  6. by   Smitty08
    Quote from Pineapple devil
    im sick of all of these people choosing nursing b/c they think that its a "safe" profession. if your heart isnt in it then don't go into it. i guess a good side of the situation is that half the people that try to get into nursing fail miserably and end up going into a psychology major
    Ouch! Psych. major and nurse here! I do agree with you however. Its unfortunate folks might be drawn to nursing simply because of perceived $$ security. I went into nursing for all the wrong reasons long ago, only to find it was a great match for me. Had it not been, I think I would have bolted long ago! In my years in nursing I have seen the economy swing like a yo-yo. Thats easier to ride out as an accomplished nurse. I wish others such as new grads were having an easier time of it now. Nursing school is no picnic - then to have trouble finding a job - yikes! Best of luck new grads and hang in there!
  7. by   lynnskii
    Hahaha Nursing Reccsion proof?????? I used to think so... Not anymore... I am a R.N working, mmhmm,let me rephrase that "Was a nurse working at Beaumont hospital for the last 2 1/2 yrs of my life and was just laid off today.. I could not belive it. I was in shock. I come into work then the next thing I no I am being called into the managers office.. they told me they no longer needed me because of the current reccesion and basically that they needed to "Budget".. Has any other Nurses been layed off??
  8. by   csage1
    I'm 20 and just applied to nursing school- (I'm not wanting to be nurse for security- I want to help and care for people in need) but this forum is scaring me! Do you think nursing school for new students is not a good route to go?
  9. by   LockportRN
    Valerie, kudos to you for taking action. I, like so many readers are tired of hearing the misinformation being put out to the general public. Also, I am tired of hearing all of the b & ming going on without any action. I will not join the ANA as someone suggested because after seeing how they portray us (nurses) stating that they are the voice of American nurses but are acting in a way that appears to be contrary to what I know as a nurse and what I see happening to nurses everyday. In the meeting that they had with Obama, all he did was blow smoke .... and they just lapped it up. He didn't have anything substantial to say to them and they all smiled and clapped and nodded their heads. It was sickening.
    I read many papers both online and in paper and whenever and I mean WHENEVER I see some garbage like what was written, I stop reading immediately and write the editor and/or the reporter that wrote the article to point out the misconceptions. If that means that I have to stop even longer to 'join' before I may comment, so be it. If I sit and do nothing but be angry, sad or scared about the future in nursing and my working conditions, and so nothing but join in on these types of conversations then I deserve to get what I get! We all do. This is not said to hurt or anger anyone, but as another poster said, she has tried for 10 years to make changes. Well, here is our chance. RIGHT NOW. Before healthcare reform is passed in legislation NOT after. Look at what the docs are doing!! They have joined TOGETHER and are taking some ACTIVE action to ensure that they are heard....BEFORE this gets passed.
    Ohh, sorry but this just is really hitting home for me and I for one cannot just sit and not do something. I hope that you all will take the time to do something too.
  10. by   harmonizer
    I don't know why the media is either too stupid or not honest to the public. They have been honest about the surplus of law degrees, though--> bar-raised-for-law-grad-jobs: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

    There are surpluses of nurses and pharmacists but no one talk about it.
    I think people have the idea that healthcare is permanently recession-proof