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SARASOTA - According to the Florida Center for Nursing, Florida is expected to have 15,000 vacancies for registered nurses in 2012. Now nursing program instructors say something needs to be done to help fill some of those job... Read More

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    The tag line to the avatar - "Still a better romance than Twilight".

    I never intended on leaving FL, and most of my family is still there. But after serious injury to my physical health, and the fact, that I could no longer be proud or like the care I provided - too many pts, too few nurses, not enough supplies, never any time or chance to eat or void during shift, nasty passive aggressive MDs, etc., I had no choice.

    My worst day here is better than my best day as a nurse in most FL hospitals.

    I wish you good luck
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    Florida is one of the worst states for nurses. The turnover rate for the only jobs that will barely-so take new grads be it RN/LPN that are med surg, tele, LTC and LTAC is insane. It is so hard to find a job here leaving you looking for months for one either pays well but is super stressful or pays too little. I can't wait to get my RN and get out of this state. As soon I apply to take my NCLEX I will apply for an equal endorsement license somewhere else.
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    I refuse to move to Florida because of that problem. I have run across too many travelers that say the same negative things. Every one of them can not be lying. There is one lady that catches a plane every other week just to work in California who lives in Florida. She is willing to catch a plane and travel to the other side of the U.S. just to avoid working in Florida. That spoke volumes.
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    Florida is a very crappy nursing environment. Alabama is bad, too.
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    A year ago today, I finalized a choice between attending a nursing school in FL or a nursing school in NY ...

    I'm 2 months shy of graduation, and this thread confirms I made the right decision ...

    yes, I am now in NY.

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