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This article is from: May. 02, 2003 but still thought it was worthy of posting for discussion: Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing who said God called her to her work, "heard voices" and suffered from a... Read More

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    There Is Something About Being "mentally Ill" That Causes A Fear In Us All ----- We Can Accept A Broken Leg Or A Clogged Up Heart But The Fear Of Losing Control Terrifies Us And We Cannot Accept It In Others

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    Quote from roxannekkb
    I've seen that article before, and it is ridiculous. How does anyone know what Florence Nightingale suffered from? The woman died in 1910!

    As someone who has done a bit of research about Nightingale, I can say that she had every reason to be depressed in her youth. Here was a brilliant young woman, a mathematical genius, who had no outlet, no prospect of any career, no prospect of anything beyond embroidery, parties, finding the right man, and being a proper society lady. She wanted to do something worthwhile, felt called to make her mark on the world, yet she was completely stifled by a rigid society. Is there any wonder that she fell into a deep depression?

    And as far as the voices, how many of us have felt prompted to do something? How many great people have stated that they felt led to do whatever it was--Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Joan of Arc, Susan B. Anthony, Jane Adams, Winston Churchhill--were they also all bipolar?

    Nightingale was ill when she returned from the crimea, and doctors have speculated that she had contracted brucellolsis, which was responsible for her becoming a semi-invalid during the last 50 years of her life. She may also have suffered from post-traumatic syndrome. When she had periods where she was feeling better, Nightingale worked very hard--probably because she knew that it wouldn't last. Her illness apparently waxed and waned. I hardly think that she was going through a manic phase, and then a depressive phase.

    I think people who put out papers like this really need to get a life. It's obvious they don't get out much.

    We do know VERY MUCH about this lady Miss Nightingale! Its enormesly documentation; books and letters from the lady herself, and from others,- even she died in 1910!!! As far as I know its about 24000 letters - and I would say its remarkably amaunt of documentation!!!

    She actually wrote in her letters that she was depressed, and her thoughts and mind was repeating over and over again, this "WHY?"-question. I will say that you might see her period before the Crimian war as a manic phase,- with ups and downs included also here. Until she "choosed" to stay in bed from the age of 40..She also get addicted to painkillers- "Morphin-sulfat", and this is documented by her privat doctor. Maybe this was the only way keeping her alive and relieved her from all pain she got thrue during the war.The last "theory" is my own thougts about a lady who has to had some scares in her soul that hurted painly. Some way to cover a pain, is to use a painkiller, even it is the mind whos hurting....

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