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This article is from: May. 02, 2003 but still thought it was worthy of posting for discussion: Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing who said God called her to her work, "heard voices" and suffered from a... Read More

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    You know, I thought it was a common speculation that many of the great intellectuals and artists of the past were supposed to have mental illnesses of some sort or another?

    I've always figured that with great intelligence or talent comes a little loopiness elsewhere! :chuckle

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    That doesnt explain Bushie
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    Don't know about you lot, but I often hear "voices!"..... And, some of them even make sense!!

    Now, out of respect for Florence... let's leave her in peace, and give thanks for the gift of her to the planet.

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    I don't know if she had bipolar or not (it doesn't matter she accomplished A LOT!). I do think that she may have had PTSD, but many people would have had this if they went through the ordeals she did. I think everyone will remember her for the service she provided man(wo-)kind, not on if she had a mental illness.
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    I once met a DNSc, dean of a School of Nursing--her dissertation was on Flo!!! Hard to imagine!
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    I have my doubts but who can tell it sort of like Joan of Arc being schizophrenic how can anyone know now. The Dr Hall summed it up best saying it is an interesting parlor game.
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    :angryfire just another attempt to label people:angryfire
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    Maybe she had an autoimmune disease such as Lupus, MS or MD that would also wax and wane. Maybe she just needed Motrin and it wasnt invented yet. She was a very self motivated person no matter what medical or mental diagnosis fits her. She started the career that I follow, so she is the best!
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    does anyone else wonder why these experts don't spend more time working on acutal, current problems instead of wondering about issues that are long past and have no findable answer now?
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    Quote from VickyRN
    On the other hand, what if God really does speak to people?
    Why, when I talk to G-d it's called a pray and when G-d talks to me it's called schizophrenia?

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