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    Quote from CrunchRN
    And again, why does everyone want to live "as long as they possibly can"
    People want to live forever because death is (mistakenly) viewed as the ultimate failure. The general public concludes something must have gone wrong if someone dies, even if the dead person is 95 years of age.

    In reality, death is a very normal part of the circle of life. It starts with birth and ends with death, and most people reproduce before dying.

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    Quote from CrunchRN
    What a sick piece of work.

    And again, why does everyone want to live "as long as they possibly can".
    There is a great episode from the old "Twilight Zone" series about an old woman so afraid of death she keeps herself mainly locked up in her old apartment in an abandoned, condemmed and soon to be torn down building. Letting nearly no one in except those she knows well (and even then), because she belives to have "seen" death one day on a bus. He took an elderly woman passenger and that was enough for this woman so she has vowed not to go out like that.

    Long story short a goodlooking stranger (played by a young blonde/blue-eyed god Robert Redford) one day is injured in front of this building and is taken in by the old woman and nursed to health. Who is he? Death.

    Slowy and patiently Death works with the old woman addressing her fears and soothing her mind about the process. He explains death is natural and as much a part of life as anything else.

    When the old lady finally gives in and takes Death's hand, she asks "when will it happen?". Death tells her "it already has" as we see the old lady lying down in bed looking as if she's sleeping peacefully. Death tells her "see, no thunder, ....'. Show ends with Death and the old lady walking out into the world (a place she formerly avoided) from the dark basement apartment into the sunshine.

    Long story short many Americans at least have this idea that death, old age and to some extent mortal illnesses are all things to be conquered and avoided. Disease and death have been removed from the home with modern hospitals and nursing homes. Whereas in our grandparents or great-grandparents day after a long or short illness one usually died at home. Instead of being hooked-up to machines and medicated out of one's mind, you lay in the same bed or at least place you may have spent a better part of your life surrounded by the things and people you knew. Is there any more peaceful and gentle way to begin one's "going home"?

    Episode of the Twilight Zone is called "Nothing In The Dark" and one urges anyone with tiemt to watch: Nothing in the Dark - Twilight Zone (01-02) - YouTube
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    twilight zone and one step beyond, both scare me to death.
    of course i watched them both as a young child - but cannot bring myself to watch them ever again...
    esp "one step beyond".
    eternal wuss here.


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