Exeter Health Resources To Lay-Off Staff & Close Skilled Nursing Facility

  1. EXETER - Exeter Health Resources announced Thursday it will eliminate the equivalent of 110 full-time positions and close Exeter Healthcare, a skilled nursing facility.

    The cuts will affect Exeter Health Resources, Exeter Hospital, Core Physicians, Exeter Healthcare and Synergy Health & Fitness.

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  3. by   kcmylorn
    Well, Well Well- I am not a resident of NH, But I really dofeel the need to add my here. If I am not mistaken, but isn't this the same hospital aka healthcare system who fired an RN back some time this last spring or summer in their Endoscopy Unit- an veteran older nurse who refused to leave sedated patients to answer the simultaneous calls of the Code team and RRT, and reported to managment SEVERAL times of the lack of adherance to established proceedural guidelines/regulations in the endo suite, and the nurse was sueing for wrongful discharge. Seems like this healthcare system has a staffing issue and this is how they are going about solving it. My favorite-love the part of"closing positions through attrition, offered retirement packages" I hope the NH labor board is in on every one of those conversations with employees who would be targeted for such generosity. Supposing those employees don't want to or can't retire- then how is this going to roll. Threats, intimidation, offers they can't refuse- like a similar sized hospital did in my state.
    Did it ever occur to MR. CEO and presidient K. Callahan and Mr strategic planner - M Whitney to slash their salaries to 2011 economy levels to adjust for this troublesome gap between Medicare and the cost of caring for these patients---F*** NO. That would involve some sacrifice on their part, readjustment in their standard of living. Maybe scrimping on their grocery bill, utility bills- God forbid they should have to shop in WAL-MART instead of going to Peabody or Boston. It would have involved some CRITICAL THINKING on these 2 bafoons part way back when their nurse complained about the staffing related issues and maybe to take her seriously and examine the money problem of why there were not enough staff to cover sedated patients and Codes/RRT's.' What, you mean they might have to cut their own salary in the name of patient safety and competent care. Why that's not the MBA way" These 2 men should be investigated for incompetence, gross negligence and endandering the lives of patients( elderly residents being moved to new facilities- really!!) because of their own personal greed not to mention the needless financial devastation they are inflicting on their employees. The state of NH attorney general's office should go in an examine their books before anyone leaves their job. Maybe if they un-employed those 2,there would be no need to move vulnerable residents and "layoff" the workforce!!