Evacuations after major NYC hospital loses backup power - page 4

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says backup power has been lost at New York University hospital and the city is working to move people out. ... The hospital complex is near the East River in an area of lower Manhattan where... Read More

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    Who is Dr John LaPook? Is he more awesome than Dr Oz?

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    Quote from OCNRN63
    Who is Dr John LaPook? Is he more awesome than Dr Oz?
    Oh I don't know about that! *LOL*
    Jonathan LaPook, M.D. - CBS News

    At least the man actually wears real clothing on air and doesn't run around in scrubs everywhere as if he lives in the things. Come to think of it Mrs. Oz must have the easiest laundry day of any housewife on her block. I mean no shirts to launder or iron/send out, ditto for trousers and suits to pick up from the dry cleaners. Just pop the lot of scrubs into the washer then dryer, fold and put away.

    Not that one assumes for a moment Mrs. Oz does the laundry herself at that household!

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