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Interesting article in today's NYT telling what some have already known for some time; employers seem to prefer hiring those whom are already employed versus the unemployed.... Read More

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    Wow that is really sad. I have also experienced some of this but not so extreme. I will never understand why nurses treat each other so ******. I really wish I never went to nursing school I feel like, so far, it has been the biggest mistake I have ever made. The worst part is everyone still thinks there is no shortage of nursing jobs and that I should be making a lot of money. There are times where I think I will have to run away from everyone I know and change my identity so no one ever finds out I went to nursing school.
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    Quote from senseiRN
    I thought the problem was hospitals preferred hiring experienced nurses over new grads so they don't have to spend money to train us? (I'm a new grad)
    That is my problem,not enough experience, but don't judge I really don't know what is going on and it really hurts when people blame you for not working.
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    Quote from kcmylorn
    Hospitals don't want to hire new grads because of the cost involved in orienting them properly( note - I used the word properly) That same excuse/reasoning/mindset is why hospitals are not hiring nurses of a certain level of experience(nurses with 20 years of experience an up are on the hit list of this discrimination) They would have to pay that nurse for their years of experience=top of the payscale(which is different depending on which region you live in. Around the metro New York City/Phila area, nurses with 20,25,30 yrs experience, the payscale is approx $38-45/hr. There are experienced bedside hospital acutecare nurses in some NJ/NYC hospitals making $100,000/yr; not agency but staff)These are the areas there are NO jobs for the nurses with that much experience under their belts. The nurse with this much experience can throw out all the resumes they want, some hospitals will humor and entertain them with an interview just to keep the feds/EEOC off their backs but they do not get hired!! I know this from personal experience. I went on an interview for a large Urban university medical center for a full time float position(aposition which I am sure there were not alot of takers because it's floar) only for the Nurse Manager to do nothing but pick a fight with me through the entire interview- gave me situational standard ACLS critical decision making questions and tell me"that's wrong" I came home baffled and double checked my ACLS manual- I knew I didn't have these protocals wrong. I sent a letter of complaint to the State Nursing association with her name and the institutions name and a letter to the state unemplyment.
    The accounts you read are not isolated insidents- they are happening all over. I started to read AARP- a similar article appeared. I did go to the unemployment office and file for unemployment. I looked around that room- it's not winno's and bumms. It our early 20 somethings( just out of schools) and our 50yrs and over. I am a very inquisative nurse- so I began ease dropping on converstions these 50somethings were having with the face to face interviewers and the ones having to call clam processors on the inhouse phones. I began striking up converstion with some- one woman had her MASTER's degree in teaching, there were 5-6 teachers, there were 4 of us nurses, one man was an chemical engineer from a major chemical corporation. These are not dumb, illiterate people. One woman was a statistician, another a bookkeeper, another- a law clerk. This was the summer of 2010.
    The stamp" unemployable" has reached a very frightening realm- If this country feels people are washed up at 50- What kind of a public financial burden do they think is coming in the near future? What does that 50 yr old do for survival- I'm talking food, shelter. The PTB want to eliminate extended unemployment benefits, do away with social security, do away with medicare and medicaid- first by giving it a diry name as "entitlement program" to set the tone of the 30-49yrs old who are still working but not paying attention to the real reason those programs were founded or the whose paycheck contibution these programs have been supported by(those 50 something that these greed mongrals have just put out on the street). Then they throw out there for good measure because they feel this will gain them popularity and support for their greedy(maniacal) cause-- these 50 somethings have pre existing medical conditions that make their health insurance premiums too corporately expensive- so we had to terminate/layoff and must now keep unemployed. As far as the health benes go- the 50 somethings are not still requiring maternity coverage and infertility specialists/testing, weekly sperm and egg counts/genetics, invitro(that, as unpopular as it sounds, is extremely expensive, try listing those costs blow for blow). They go after the smokers- no jobs for smokers. Now what does that 50 something unemployed person do to eat and shelter-soup kitchens and homeless shelters, pitching tents, living in the area woods- there is plenty of these around my nice suburban neighborhood ( which is now a study in sociology compare and contrast."middle class poverty?") I see older mother's with their older school age kids coming out of these woods, walking along the busy 6 lane highway heading to the supermarket at noon time because the supermarket has an inexpensive cafeteria style hot food bar. These kids belong in school! What do they put for a residental address?? This supermarket is located in an affluent shopping center. One 50 something unemployed woman froze to death last winter in one of the tent cities in the woods. This used to be America people. This is the America of 2011. I saw this mother and kids on my way to pay my mortgage payment in that shopping center and tried to refinance my mortgage- I told these 30something young mortgage brokers in their Ralph Lauren white shirts and dress pants about this, they told me to stop my social injustice soapbox and worry about paying my mortgage. I called their Chicago headquarters,The Beneficical Mortgage Company, and made a formal complaint about them and their ignorant comment- I wanted my customer service rights evoked!!
    The nursing profession seems to be hell bent on hiding their unemployment rates. They get rid of older nurses left and right- crazy reasons masquarading as ligitimate- short staffing units and watch the few bedside mice left run until something happens aka managment makes it happen- not a good fit, too slow, documentation not up to par, pick and harass some one into quiting w/ poor shift scheduling, time off denials, calling you in on your days off all the usual reindeer games.
    My state was awarded $30million dollars by the RWJ Foundation to help finance the education of future nursing educators in their Masters and DNP programs to turn out nursing educators to teach the next generation of nurses- $50,000/yr in living expenses, plus tuition, books and a stipends. They want these nursing candidates to go to these programs full time- so they will get a $50,00 plus salary just to go to school- Are these people for real?? What about the ADN's, diploma RN's that cant get a job now adays because of a lack of a BSN?? Pretend they don't exist?? What about all the unemployed nurses now in 2011 This is sooo proposteous, it's a farse. Turn out more nurses to be unemployed?? These are the ones teaching critical thinking?? Their heads are up their backsides. I'll shut up now.
    This is the best post I have read in this website thank you. I just wish I could get my family to read this. My kids are mad and my husband is ready to leave me because they all thought I was going to make good money once I graduated. I have only worked a total of 22 months since graduating in 2008. Nursing has ruined my life. I will soon be living in the woods with the other ladies.
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    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    I'm sorry but if that were me I would been on the six 0'clock news!

    That RN needs to write a letter to whomever owns that facility and or each of the board members telling what woman did to her. I'd also contact the media for some bad PR. There is no excuse for such actions ever.
    They don't want to hear it......I think they are afraid of the hospitals.
    This is the best post I have read in this website thank you. I just wish I could get my family to read this. My kids are mad and my husband is ready to leave me because they all thought I was going to make good money once I graduated. I have only worked a total of 22 months since graduating in 2008. Nursing has ruined my life. I will soon be living in the woods with the other ladies.
    inforn43........know that you are not alone. I know that doesn't help much but you have many nurses here that have fallen victim to this....((HUGS))
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