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I came across this today and felt it worthy of discussion. A 15 year old who has evidently had poor school performance and some legal troubles is now dying of heart failure and his only hope is a... Read More

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    Quote from LadyFree28
    ...if he was a higher match, he got it, and as the nurse that I am, will nurse on...he got a second chance.
    You're certainly welcome to your view, and I have no problem with it ; but the fact remains that the only reason he was considered for a heart, regardless of his degree of tissue match with any particular organ, was because of the publicity he and his family drummed up after he failed to meet criteria for transplantation through the regular, established, agreed-upon-by-the-larger-transplantation-community process.
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    To play devil's advocate: There was an inmate on death row in California who was in need of a heart transplant. Of course, this is a more extreme situation than the original example, but do we also ignore his past behavior in determining his place on the transplant list - or whether he even gets a place? The line has to be drawn somwhere, because there are far more potential recipients than there are donors. I'm not necessarily for or against the person in the original example getting a transplant, I'm just saying that I understand the thinking behind the initial decision.
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    I think we have to remember that the hospital is unable to give all the information. The only information we have is from family members, that might just be not telling the whole truth. I'm disappointed that the hospital made a decision with long-established criteria, and then sentenced another person to death just to avoid some bad publicity.

    When it's YOU or even better, YOUR CHILD on the transplant list that will die if you don't get an organ, do you want the determination on who gets the organ to be who can pitch the biggest fit in the media?
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