Drugs in Food Chain

  1. This is disturbing. Wild salmon caught in the Puget Sound was found tainted with prescription drugs and illegal drugs.

    Drugs found in Puget Sound salmon from tainted wastewater | The Seattle Times
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    Not surprised. Ironically, we just started wasting our meds into charcoal 'wasting containers' instead of down the sink--my coworkers and I were joking that the fish are going to be irritable because they're all going through withdrawal.

    I saw a documentary several years back on the topic. Apparently a study was testing for fat-soluble toxins in breastmilk, and went to some isolated indigenous Arctic Inuit communities in an attempt to find a control group (because they'd presumably never been exposed). I turned out that they had the highest concentration of all, since the fish and marine mammals they ate had so much cumulative exposure from toxins in the water. Anybody who is interested can watch the whole documentary (called 'Invisible,' released 2007) here:

    Invisible | Wonderdog

    (PS--I just rewatched the documentary and remembered how fascinating it is--highly recommend!)

    Call me a pessimist, but I think the whole process seems kind of inevitable. We're doomed.
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