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this is about an elderly man and his doctor who has refused to continue: because he said that to continue would be "grotesque" Isn't it just as grotesque to abandon the patient?... Read More

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    Thankyou mizfradd. Today I was told by a nurse who is a neighbor that I am increasing my risk of stroke or other consequences by refusing a vent at all...and that they might be worse than I really need to get my health directive...I only used one I found that wasn't for anything but end of life instructions (Check here for palliative care,,,check here for hydration, etc.)...My neighbor said to write down what I wanted and did not want and talk to someone who would tell me more about how to cover most of the possible occurences..and how to deal with them. In event of an accident, do the hospitals ever try to learn who your PCP is?...I doubt if my family would give the hospital my directive as it does not conform to their ideas... but I am sure my doc would...

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    Years ago I worked in a step down unit for infants and toddlers. Beds 4-10 were all trached. Five out of the seven were ex-premies with severe lung and brain damage. They were all full codes. I got very good at putting atropine and epi down trachs. They were not ventilated, but they had feeding tubes and had minimal or no ability to feel joy. They got multiple IV sticks. They also had to be suctioned numerous times a day. One of my patient's only joy was his pacifier. The only problem was that he could only keep it in his mouth for 5 minutes. Did I mention that only 1 parent came more than once a month. Some parents never came. I learned how important quality is versus quantity.

    It was a valuable lessen for when my husband became critical ill in the hospital. I was able to tell him that it was ok if he died. When he coded, my first thought/prayer was "Lord, just let him live." Within a minute or two I prayed "Lord, whatever your will is, whether he lives or he dies, do what is best for him." It is the hardest prayer I have ever said. They pronounced him within 30 minutes. We were only married 2 years. I was only 30 years old.

    I agree with letting nature take it course. But I am thankful that I never had to sign a DNR.
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