DaVita To Pay $55M In Malpractice Settlement

  1. 0 DaVita To Pay $55M In Malpractice Settlement

    A $55 million settlement has been reached in a medical malpractice lawsuit alleging dialysis service provider DaVita Inc. overused an anemia medication.

    The lawsuit was filed a decade ago in a district court in Texas by a whistleblower, who claimed that DaVita overused Epogen for almost 10 years. Although the government investigated into the mater but it did not take any action against the company. DaVita says its physicians did nothing wrong and stand by their anemia management practices. They made it clear that the settlement does not translate into admission of guilt.

    Epogen is highly beneficial for patients suffering with kidney-related diseases as it increases the red blood cell count, decreasing the need for blood transfusions. However, it is also believed that the risk of stroke doubles with regular use of the drug, making its overuse potentially detrimental for the patients' health.

    DaVita is involved in various other lawsuits as well. In October last year, two law firms started investigations against the company regarding alleged over-billing of Medicare by the company.
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