Daily Maximum Tylenol Dosage Lowered

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    McNeil Consumer Healthcare has announced it is lowering the maximum daily dose instructions for Extra Strength Tylenol to six pills a day (3,000 mg) to reduce the risk of acetaminophen overdose.

    Full story:

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    Yeah because EVERYBODY reads the bottle.....
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    Yes, too few people read the labels...that is why this is a really good post for AN. It keeps us informed so that we can educate our "peeps".
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    Also helpful for RNs in the inpt setting. I give a lot of Ty3 out in my job. It's good to know that 2tabs q4h is no longer considered safe.
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    God forbid anyone should order plain Codeine - and enough of it to give real pain relief - and just forget the acetaminophen.

    Per Life Extension magazine, FDA knew about the dangers of acetaminophen long ago but these are only now being made known to the public.
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    IME, the synergistic effect of the acetaminophen and codeine together makes it more effective for pain relief than just codeine.
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    Tyelnol- the most abused drug in the world!
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    Quote from SweettartRN
    Tyelnol- the most abused drug in the world!
    Oh man how am I going to get my fix now!

    This was on the national news network so the worried well will spread it round quicker than we ever possibly could
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    I am personally thrilled about this. I am constantly telling the docs I work with that they can not order 1 gram Q4hrs of Tylenol. I think some of them just don't get how dangerous Tylenol can be. And really more isn't better....
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    Mixing APAP with opiods is retarded and was done primarily for patent extension.

    There's also the theory of reduced abuse potential. So by mixing in the APAP, the drug kills you instead of killing you? BRILLIANT!
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