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Cook County cutting nurses Two hospitals getting hit with nursing layoffs WGN News Good luck with that. There is a glut of nurses already in Chicagoland. Just... Read More

  1. by   Noimanurse
    Southern Illinois is still hiring nurses and housing is 1/2 the cost! I'm not talking peoria or springfield...I'm talking SOUTHern Illinois. Come on down and join the real world.
  2. by   netglow
    I have heard that wages are quite substandard in Southern Illinois. Are we talking like 18 and hour? I made that during the summer as a kid in highschool about 30 years ago. Can a person even pay for gas and a bag of chips with that?
  3. by   Noimanurse
    I support a family 8 and we do fine. Did you read the part where housing is 1/2 the cost? Do you make $36 or more an hour? I have a 1 mile/4 minute "commute" to work, no gang graffiti or gang activity seen on my way to work, during decent weather I can ride my bike to work, leave it unchained and it will still be there when I get back. I know my kids' teachers often by first names, I see them at Wal-mart, I know my kids are generally safe...whats that worth? I went to a HS basketball game tonight, left my doors unlocked, and guess what? Everything in my car was not bothered. Whats that I hear? oh wait, nevermind, I thought I heard countless sirens and alarms, but we don't have to worry about that. My bills are paid, I enjoy my job, I have a nice amount of family time, and I have peace of mind.

    You really made $18 an hour in 1981 as a kid in high school? Minimum wage was just increased to $3.35 in 1981, that would be like a high school kid making around $45 an hour today, must be some good unions up there in 1981. Good luck with your upcoming thief election...I mean mayoral election.
  4. by   netglow
    I don't live in Chicago. However what happens there contributes to the entire area, and has ramifications for the entire state. I can't really say much to your unhappiness about my earnings as a teenager. I was talented and a hard worker and I sought out and got a good paying job. Mommy and daddy didn't put me through college for my first degree, or this second one for that matter. I don't belong to a union, never have. If I had the opportunity to join one, I'd look at the pros and cons of that job/union. If I thought there was enough in it that would directly benefit me, I'd take that job/join. If not, I'd pass it up.