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Cook County cutting nurses Two hospitals getting hit with nursing layoffs WGN News Good luck with that. There is a glut of nurses already in Chicagoland. Just continues to worsen.... Read More

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    if you get govt assistance and dont have a fulltime job, you should have to volunteer a certain amount of time each week for the ratio of amount of $$ assitance you get. you only get alittle help then you volunteer alittle. you get alot from uncle sam then you volunteer alot. just that alone would prolly cause alot of "bloodsuckers" to leave the system.
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    I agree. I feel that community service is very under-rated and under- used as a mechanism to get things done.
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    Quote from erbryan
    Well taxs can only go up so high i live in chicago and its ridiculous, more people on public aid than working , and us working have to foot the bill, nothing wrong with HELPING someone but it has turned in supporting them. I do understand some people do need the help, but in illinois we have way too many on the system and working the system, the system needs to crack down on all the abuser who the fine state of Illinois is enabling.

    Is this true? Are there REALLY more people on public assistance than gainfully employed in Chicago?? You must realize that the number on public assistance would have to be greater than 80% in order for this to be true. I can appreciate your frustration, but the exaggeration of facts is questionable.

    I moved from Chicago to S. Florida a few years ago, and I can assure that although there are NOT more people on public aid than working, I would bet that Florida's unemployment rate is higher than Illinois'. I could be wrong, which I will freely admit, I'm too exhausted from studying to look it up. But if unemployment is higher in Illinois than Florida, I would be quite surprised.

    Sweet home Chicago. Lover her or leave her. Can't wait to get back.
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    Southern Illinois is still hiring nurses and housing is 1/2 the cost! I'm not talking peoria or springfield...I'm talking SOUTHern Illinois. Come on down and join the real world.
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    I have heard that wages are quite substandard in Southern Illinois. Are we talking like 18 and hour? I made that during the summer as a kid in highschool about 30 years ago. Can a person even pay for gas and a bag of chips with that?
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    I support a family 8 and we do fine. Did you read the part where housing is 1/2 the cost? Do you make $36 or more an hour? I have a 1 mile/4 minute "commute" to work, no gang graffiti or gang activity seen on my way to work, during decent weather I can ride my bike to work, leave it unchained and it will still be there when I get back. I know my kids' teachers often by first names, I see them at Wal-mart, I know my kids are generally safe...whats that worth? I went to a HS basketball game tonight, left my doors unlocked, and guess what? Everything in my car was not bothered. Whats that I hear? oh wait, nevermind, I thought I heard countless sirens and alarms, but we don't have to worry about that. My bills are paid, I enjoy my job, I have a nice amount of family time, and I have peace of mind.

    You really made $18 an hour in 1981 as a kid in high school? Minimum wage was just increased to $3.35 in 1981, that would be like a high school kid making around $45 an hour today, must be some good unions up there in 1981. Good luck with your upcoming thief election...I mean mayoral election.
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    I don't live in Chicago. However what happens there contributes to the entire area, and has ramifications for the entire state. I can't really say much to your unhappiness about my earnings as a teenager. I was talented and a hard worker and I sought out and got a good paying job. Mommy and daddy didn't put me through college for my first degree, or this second one for that matter. I don't belong to a union, never have. If I had the opportunity to join one, I'd look at the pros and cons of that job/union. If I thought there was enough in it that would directly benefit me, I'd take that job/join. If not, I'd pass it up.

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