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Conscience Objection Rule Struck Off By Obama

  1. 0 After two years of struggling to balance the rights of patients against the beliefs of health-care workers, the Obama administration on Friday finally rescinded most of a federal regulation designed to protect those who refuse to provide care they find objectionable on moral or religious grounds.

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    Finally -- took 'em long enough ...
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    Another slap at religious freedom....but, I bet he would make an exception for a particular restrictive politically correct religious affiliation.
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    I fail to see how this is a "slap at religious freedom" -- if someone objects to participating in providing particular medical/health services, that person is perfectly free to find a job that doesn't conflict with one's personal views. Even without the Shrub administration's last-minute, ridiculous overextension of the "protections" offered to workers in healthcare-related settings, there is already (and still is) more than enough protection, IMO, of workers' "rights" to impose their personal morality on others at work.
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