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congresswoman barbara lee, meet with samuel merritt university's dean audrey berman who also met with an obama presidential advisor to legislative affairs. mrs. berman brought up the subject of the new grad job shortage, to which... Read More

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    I graduated in Dec '09 with Honors and I have had a few interviews - no job. I have a good work history and am appying all over the country. I have had few bites and the ones I have had were just collecting resumes. The family unit is getting a little uptight about me not having a source of income. We need to write our congressmen and congresswomen and tell them there is no nursing shortage. Eventually, the older nurses will retire and nurse's husbands will go back to work but by that time, many of us will have moved on to different careers.

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    Could it just be that they have not hired yet for the training programs for new graduates? Or that you applied to late for the intake?
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    It really is a regional problem in my opinion, there are also several issues. Nursing programs are turning out new grads really quickly. There are jobs, but you have to look at where the shortages are, such as urban areas that are unattractive to most. I work in the south, and they are hiring new grads, of course pay is low and benefits are fair. Unfortunately, most hospitals don't have programs in place to train new grads.

    Of course, there is always the military, which does have a nursing shortage. As far as older nurses retiring, a lot of us, won't be able to retire because we can't afford to.
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    When I talk to hospital HR people, they all say the same thing. They have numerous internal candidates, (including graduating student nurses who have worked at their hospitals) that they have few to no spots for external candidates for jobs and especially nurse residencies. They are only looking at local candidates who have experience as a CNA or PCT. Or are extremely exceptionally connected. Too few jobs for too many new grads.:smackingf
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    If I wanted to grovel for a job after graduation, I would have majored in Art History. I can't believe how competitive it is to get a nursing job. There is no place to turn if you don't have that elusive "one year" of experience. I'm an older new grad....never worked as a CNA...don't have a mother or a sister who is a connections. So am I totally screwed here or what? Husband is the breadwinner, so moving to Odessa, TX is out of the question.
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    FINALLY SOMEONE IS SPEAKING FOR US!!! I hope it works! I am going on 4 + months looking for a job!
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    New grad Nurses....sorry, no good news here. I run a job board for medical and nursing jobs. If you are looking for a hospital job things have gotten worse for you. It used to be that there were so many nursing jobs available that hospitals would take on a relatively new nurse. Even then they had to have that elusive one year of experience. Now, things are different. Because people lost their jobs, they also lost their health insurance, and because of no health care insurance they quit going to the hospital. So the census dropped which means less nurses are needed. Also, this problem is compounded because retired nurses are coming out of retirement due to financial necessity. All of this equals less jobs. Hospitals are now requiring even more experience. Some hospitals require 2-3 years of experience.

    I was baffled by this for a long time. Let me clear the air. It's all about liability. The hospitals carry insurance and so do the staffing agencies. The insurance companies will not cover an agency or hospital who employs nurses with no experience. I shouldn't say they won't cover them. Some will but it is very, very expensive. The hospitals and agencies can't afford to pay this high rate. If they did, the pay rate they could offer the nurses would almost be insulting. They would have to do this to offset the cost of the insurance. Even if a staffing agency could afford to pay this insurance and actually find new grad nurses to work for a very low rate per hour, the agencies will still have to convince the hospitals to allow a new grad to work there. There would still be a liability issue to the hospital if a new grad makes a mistake. The patients don't sue the agency. They sue the hospitals. The hospitals aren't willing to take on an additional cost of a higher insurance policy either, especially with the census being down. They are struggling to keep their doors open as it is.

    We could go on about malpractice lawsuits and torte reform but lets leave that for another discussion.

    This is my opinion as to why new graduate nurses can't find hospital jobs. Does anyone else have an opinion?
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    Then why did I bother to get my own insurance coverage? What about fellowship and internship programs for new grads?
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    You still need insurance to protect yourself in the event that you are sued.

    As far as fellowship and internship goes, hospitals do not consider this to be "experience".
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    Thanks I know why I need the insurance I was being facetious. As for fellowships and internship's they usually or almost ALWAYS lead to a full time position at the particular hospital when done. So it does in fact count as experience for THAT hospital.

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