Conference studies shortage of nursing teachers - page 3

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A predicted national shortage of nurses in the next decade could be made worse by a shortage of the experienced nurses who train them at community colleges and universities around the country. In response, nursing... Read More

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    Quote from rngolfer53
    I'd have a better opinion of the chances of something changing if, instead of going to Portland, the conference was held by tele/videoconference.

    Besides the cost of travel/lodging, there's the loss of productive time spent in airports, planes, etc.

    The solution to the problem of finding instructors is simple: offer better pay. To fund that solution, fire some of the ever-growing numbers of administrative people at colleges/universities. The admin:student ratio at US colleges has exploded in recent decades.

    That's because federal funding was applied. ANy time fed funds hit an arena, prices go up in every case. There's no reason school is increasing disproportionately to incomes.