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11 Prairie View nursing students caught cheating on test University says they won't be allowed to graduate By MIKE TOLSON Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle Eleven Prairie View A&M... Read More

  1. by   Flying ICU RN
    Quote from KeepnItReal
    Paco relax...jail time? seriously

    Na,...too lenient for Florida.

  2. by   frustrated in AL
    I think administrators just want $ and that is why they ignore cheating. It's ridiculously out of hand at my college, at least in the the prerequisite classes to get into nursing. Students use their cellphones to cheat, take photos of exams and most of the instructors just don't care. I'm so depressed to see this when I study so hard and am still struggling
  3. by   newtress
    About a month ago I got duped. I teach at night at a private medical/dental assisting college. One test night, my students are to put everything up and surrender their cell phones sitting on a counter right behind me. This particular part of the exam required them to list 6 different radiological views. Not unusual for students to not be able to spell medical terms perfectly, and one particular student can not spell hardly at all. Test time. She finishes her exam. I grade it. The section for listing these xray views she miraculously got them all correct, and... spelled them all completely correct, and they were in order as they were in the text book. My suspicion is that she knew her cell phone would not be usable, so she may have used her teenage daughter's phone to snap the picture of the study guide with the xray views and told the daughter she needed it for maybe 2 hrs etc. I am so certain something to that nature happened. When discussed with my supervisor, I knew there was not a thing she or I could do. I had zero proof. If I had slinked up behind her and saw a cell phone sitting in between her legs or something I could have busted her. I was duped!
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