Cash-strapped Pennsylvania nursing homes are increasingly on edge

  1. 0 Cash-strapped Pennsylvania nursing homes are increasingly on edge

    Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
    Nov 22, 1012
    By Bill Vidonic

    ...Across the state, counties that still own nursing homes are saying that declining medical assistance payments have cut into revenue, while costs, including pay and benefits for employees, continue to rise, requiring them to make tough choices on whether to cut back service or find new sources of money...

    ...At one point, 50 counties operated nursing homes. Now, said Michael J. Wilt, executive director of the Pennsylvania Association of County Affiliated Homes, 29 counties run a total of 33 nursing homes.

    "It's not just county nursing homes; most nursing homes are struggling. It's simply because the state has failed to keep up the reimbursements with the expenses," he said.
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