Camden, NJ and Louisville create a program for ER super users


    hey say it cost the Louisville hospital only $3000 to get detox, 90 day inpatient, free apartment housing, enrollment of food stamps and SS Disability, job training and partnership with a GP for one man, and the man says he is now flourishing. He is reunited with his family after years of estrangement and they accompany him to 12 step meetings and drive him to church. He is thankful.

    So if the hospital's finance less than 2 years he had 337 er visits racking up over $600,000 of ER bills he cannot pay.

    a the ED nurse manager is interviewed and talks about the selection criteria.

    Interesting....anyone think this could work in their ER?
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  3. by   MunoRN
    This is similar to "Million Dollar Murray", the story of a vet who cost the public more than a million dollars in police and hospital services as a result of his homelessness and vices. He then became part of a program which gave him a place to live and other basics which allowed him to keep a job and stay clean, costing the public far less than when he was homeless and unemployed. The program was later cancelled (to save the public money) and Murray went right back to costing the public far more money that we were spending to keep him off the streets.The New Yorker Digital Edition : Feb 13, 2006